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Duetto cooks using both flame and bbrick, offering every Alfresco Chef the versatility of cooking many dishes at the same time. The Duetto has two cooking ovens: as the bottom "Fiamma" oven heats up, the top "Mattone" oven gradually warms up with the flames.

Each oven can be used independently for different styles of cooking.

The "Fiamma" Oven
This is your direct fire cooking oven, it reaches a temperature of 400 degrees C and can cook a pizza in just 90 seconds.

The "Mattone" Oven
Used like an oven, this is perfect for baking and Low 'n Slow cooking or just for keeping your food warm. It reaches a temperature of 300 degrees C. The fire in the 'Fiamma' oven heats up the bricks and is ideal for passionatebread bakers.


Minutes to heat up:
Top: 45
Bottom: 30

No. of pizzas at a time: 3
Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 18
Bread baking (Kg): 5

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Dimensions (cm) (H): 253cm x (W): 91.2cm x (D): 92.1cm
Box Dimensions (cm) No
Weight Kg 260.0000
Product Warranty No