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Officially the Largest Weber Showroom in the UK

Here at Riverside, we are proud to have created officially the largest Weber Showroom in the UK with every Weber BBQ model on show, in every colour allowing you to make a truly informed choice. We've now gone even further, and to allow you to have the full Weber experience we have regular Weber BBQ Demonstrations at our custom build BBQ School. 

For 2016, Weber have made some excellent updates to both their charcoal and gas ranges proving why they are the world’s number 1 barbecue brand. Here is what you need to know.

The Weber Spirit range was again hugely popular in 2015 proving that Weber got their design just right. In 2015 they updated the Weber E320 Spirit Original, giving it a Cast Iron Gourmet Grate as standard, which allows you to take advantage of their gourmet system accessories such as the Poultry Roaster, Cast Iron Wok, Cast Iron Griddle and more. This was well received and made the Weber E320 Spirit Original a popular choice last year. For 2016, the Weber Spirit range has been expanded giving even more choice. There are 4 new models to choose from, namely the Weber Spirit Classic E-220, the Weber Spirit Classic E-320, the Weber Spirit Premium E-330 GBS and the Weber Spirit Premium S-330 GBS.

The Weber E220 Spirit Classic and Weber E320 Spirit Classic expand the Spirit Classic range by adding a side burner to what are otherwise the same barbecues as their Weber E210 and Weber E310 Classic counterparts.

The Weber S330 GBS has all the features of the Weber S320 with the addition of a Sear Station that allows you to get extra high heat, perfect for searing steaks.

The Weber E330 GBS is the same as the S330 but comes in a different colour, combining a black body with stainless steel shelves and control unit for a great look.  

Tthe Weber Genesis range remains the sames as 2015 when the Genesis E-330 was upgraded, coming with the Cast Iron Gourmet Grate as standard. A new colour was also added to the range last year, with the impressive Crimson version which in our opinion looks spectacular.

The 2016 Weber Summit range remains the same as 2015 with the black Weber Summit E470 and Weber Summit E670 or the stainless steel Weber Summit S470 and Weber Summit S670.

The Weber Kettles have remained largely the same in 2016 with the MasterTouch remaining our most popular seller thanks to the upgrade detailed below. Weber have added two new models, the Weber Performer Original and the Weber Performer Premium GBS. The Performer Original was a Riverside exclusive for the last two years, and was popular for barbecuers who wanted some shelf space on the barbecue. The Performer Premium GBS is the same as the Performer Deluxe but comes without the Gas Ignition and Sear Grate.

In 2015, Weber renamed the One Touch Original to the Weber Original Kettle and the One Touch Premium to the Weber Original Kettle Premium. Otherwise, they remained exactly the same. The Weber MasterTouch was our best selling charcoal bbq last year and it has now been given a further upgrade for 2015 by including 2 char baskets instead of charcoal dividers, making it easier to move the Charcoal Briquettes around if you want to switch between roasting and direct cooking. They also improved the design of the ash catcher, making it even easier to dispose of the ashes once they have cooled down. The MasterTouch now also comes in a new colour, Slate.

Slate is also a new colour added to the Smokey Joe Premium range, which otherwise remains the same.

The Weber Q range has received some exciting new colours for 2016. The Weber Q1200 comes with 5 new colour options, Fuchsia, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue. Combined with the fact that they expanded the cooking possibilities on the Weber Q in 2015 by creating a much requested rotisserie for the range, the Weber Qs are looking better than ever. You can now get a Rotisserie to fit every Q from the Q1000 up to the Q3200 allowing you to begin roasting your food with little effort thanks to the motorised spit.

The Weber Original Rotisserie Fine Mesh Basket has been added to the list of Rotisserie accessories launched last year as detailed below. This allows you to make even more use of your rotisserie by being able to cook small cuts of meet, fries, vegetables and even pop corn on your barbecue, without needing to add oil or grease. Adding this to the two attachments for the Rotisserie launched in 2015 gives you an impressive range of cooking possibilities. As a reminder, the other attachements are the Weber Rotisserie Basket and the Weber Kebab Rotisserie System. The basket attachment is perfect for the most deliciously crisp and flavoursome potato wedges. The adjustable basket means that food can also be held securely inside, so it’s possible to cook ribs or even fillets of meat with it. The kebab attachment works beautifully for kebabs but can also be used to bake breads.

Weber have also launched two new Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) accossories for 2016. They are the Weber Original Dutch Oven GBS and the Weber Original GBS Waffle / Sandwich Iron. For those who have already fot a GBS system Grate, these two accessories offer you the opportunity to expand your use of the barbecue by cooking tastey dishes such as stews, chilli con carne and even soups on the Dutch Oven and sandwiches or waffles with the Waffle / Sandwich Iron.

There are many more new accessories for 2016 including the Weber Cold Smoking Unit that will help expand your cooking and make cleaning up easier. Why not look through our accessories pages and see what’s new.