4 Seasons Outdoor - Donut Big


4 Seasons Outdoor - Donut Big

Hularo™ is synonymous with the absolute top in synthetic wicker. That’s why 4 Seasons give a guarantee of no less than 10 years on their wicker! It’s easy to clean, durable and resistant to UV rays, salt water, lotions, chlorine and alcohol. It’s not easy to tell Hularo™ apart from real rattan, except for the countless benefits it offers compared to natural materials. Hularo™ is colourfast and available in a wide range of natural tints. The materials contain no hazardous substances and can be fully recycled. To complete the look 4SO also offer a range of different sized pillows in a choice of fabrics, a comprehensive choice of parasols and bases and accessories including lazy Susans (all sold separately). Brimming with style and sophistication each 4 Seasons Outdoor piece not only exudes luxury and comfort but also proudly boasts the quality you would expect from such a prestigious brand as well as the reassurance of a long-term investment.

Our Donuts can easily be described as a technical masterpiece. These woven works of art use different colours on the inside and outside. Our experienced wicker workers have the technical craftsmanship to work with two colours and weave them in and out throughout the design. These beautiful, round, wickerwork shapes contain a top-quality filling of Quick Dry Foam: a sturdy cushion filling that is 100% weather-resistant and dries very quickly. Water simply runs through the material. The Donut can be used as an extra seat, as a handy side table and, of course, as an eye-catcher in your lounge set. Choose from various sizes and colour combinations.

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Polyloom Pebble and Polyloom Anthracite

Lisboa is a serious looking collection from 4 Seasons Outdoors finished in both Polyloom Anthracite and Polyloom Pebble Hularo™ synthetic 2mm rod weave. Hularo™ is also unique in that it is manufactured using a mono extrusion meaning that the colour of the weave is present throughout the entire area of the fibre so that any scratches or scuffs will remain largely invisible thanks to the colour being present all the way through each product.

The Hularo Wicker has a 10 year warranty

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