Alexander Rose New England Broadfield Garden Bench 4ft


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Alexander Rose New England Broadfield Bench 4ft

The New England Collection by Alexander Rose is a hardwood made from acacia coated in a polyurethane paint and sourced from Vietnam. The bright white finish of the New England Collection is clean and fresh brightening any outdoor environment. The New England Collection includes its famous Danish designed drachmann bench well known for its cross pattern slats.

Sturdy in build, the classic Broadfield Bench is a flat-topped seat with straight flat arms and a back panel formed of vertical slats that have been designed to slightly bulge inwards for maximum comfort and lumbar support.

The seat of the bench is formed of six horizontal slats that dip down in the middle along the central length, again for comfort.

Total Height: 88cm
Total Width: 127cm
Total Depth: 58cm

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New England

New England is a hardwood that belongs to the acacia species which is coated in a polyurethane satin finish white paint, providing a superb white finish. All Alexander Rose New England timber boasts a durability of up to 10 years. Alexander Rose New England is FSC ® 100% Certified.

The acacia timber has a 3 year warranty.

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Polyurethane Paint

New England and Old England are painted in a satin white or grey polyurethane paint. The painted finish transforms the acacia timber making the New England look fresh and clean whilst making the Old England look rustic and weathered for that beautiful silver grey finish.

Both paint finishes have a 2 year warranty.

New England Maintenance

New England Maintenance

Alexander Rose New England wooden garden furniture is produced to the highest quality with a matt white finish, which is the result of two coats of polyurethane paint. As with all wooden outdoor furniture after time the weathering process will begin and hairline cracks in the finish may begin to show. Regular maintenance ensures your New England benches retain their original condition.

This can simply be done by sanding down any affected areas down to the natural red timber and then reapply an even coat of White Matt Polyurethane paint to the area. Polyurethane paint is available at any DIY or Hardware store.

Product Condition:
Product Warranty:
3 Years