Alexander Rose Portofino Metal Extending Garden Table 1.5M / 2.7M x 0.9M

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Alexander Rose Portofino Metal Extending Garden Table 1.5M / 2.7M x 1.0M

The Alexander Rose Portofino Collection is the perfect blend of contemporary design and outstanding practicality, with fine powder coated mild steel construction. Alexander Rose pride themselves on the high level of precision throughout the Portofino range, demonstrated in the intricate way the mesh and structure blend together.

The perfect table for hosting parties outside or even indoors, the lightweight Portofino Metal Extending Garden Table is easy to adjust from its standard length of 1.5m long (which comfortably seats 8 people) to 2.7m long giving you an extra 1.2m of extra space for more food or additional people with room for an extra 4 seats!

The Portofino's sturdy construction means you can trust the extended table wings not to buckle or bend while holding plates heaped with food.

  • Total Height: 74cm
  • Total Width: 90cm
  • Total Length: 150 / 268cm

Mild Steel ConstructionMetal Breakdown

The Alexander Rose Portofino collection is built from mild steel treated with two layers of powder coating for a smooth metallic finish.

Beginning with a cleaning and phosphate treatment to prevent rust, followed by a cathodic dip coating, and a powder primer and protective powder coating which determines the colour. A final coating thickness of 0.25mm is achieved. Compared to a standard powder coating thickness of 0.08mm - 0.12mm, by providing a 0.25mm Alexander Rose achieves a superb smooth finish with a fantastic level of weather resistance, providing you with years of enjoyment from your Garden Furniture.

All Portofino furniture also includes a 5 year warranty.

Mesh ThumbnailMesh

The Portofino range features a fine mild steel mesh backs and seats, with a phosphate treatment to prevent rust, followed by a cathodic dip where a layer of primer is evenly applied, followed by metallic grey powder coating resulting in a stylish finish. Ensuring the mesh backing and seat features the same high quality finish and weather resistance as the steel frame.

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