Alexander Rose - Teak Park Bench 6ft

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Alexander Rose - Teak Park Bench, 6ft

The 'King of Timbers' as it is commonly known, has been utilised to create stunning plank tables, that without doubt have the extreme wow factor as far as garden furniture is concerned. Manufactured from beautifully crafted planks machined from thick slabs and sanded to a silky-smooth surface.

Alexander Rose Teak is a rich golden-brown timber with a fine figured grain, an even texture with a beautiful lustre. Teak's high oil content makes it naturally water repellant and incredibly durable, and can least easily up to 25 years without treatment. Over time teak will weather to a sophisticated silvery-grey finish. 

Timber Care

Alexander Rose Manufactures Garden furniture that will last for many years, but over time the natural weathering process will begin as evaporation of natural oils and minerals in the wood begins from exposure to the elements. Cracks and splits can appear in the wood particularly on the end grain. The drier the wood, the more cracks will appear.

Alexander Rose timber furniture is designed with this in mind and its strength and durability will remain unaffected. Wooden furniture can be treated with Alexander Rose’s specially formulated care products to enhance the natural look of the wood. Alternatively the wood surfaces can be left and will eventually turn an attractive mellow silver grey, and should be occasionally cleaned with soapy water.

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10 Years