Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid,130cm Stem Pink

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Total Length: 130cm (Approx)
Total Width: 14cm (Approx)
Pot Included: No
Flower: Yes
Number of Flower Heads:   Multi
Flower Colour: Pink and White         

Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray, Pink

Artificial plants and flowers - often referred to as 'silks' - are now as popular as ever with individuals and companies wanting realistic eye-catching natural displays that require very little maintenance yet remain looking in their prime all year round.

As well as adding a splash of colour to places where sunlight is limited and live plants would perish, fake plants are a clean and low-maintenance alternative to living foliage.

Regardless of whether you're looking for something in a glass vase, potted or simply a loose stem, with a choice of gorgeous coloured silk flowers and printed leaves our range of high quality flowering plants are so lifelike that observers would be hard-pressed to distinguish them from their real counterparts.

The Pink Phalaenopsis Spray is a beautiful single-stemmed spray with vibrant realistic-looking textured orchid heads which will certainly brighten up any room within a home or workplace environment.

The green stem has a black mottled effect to add extra authenticity meaning the Pink Phalaenopsis Spray will look good on its own or complimenting any existing floral display.

Please note that sizes may vary depending on the individual products.

Care and Maintenance

As with any other natural silk product it is perfectly normal for a small degree of fading to occur over time. We therefore recommend that to get the best out of your false plant or flower and to keep it looking at its best for many years it should be set up in a space away from exposure to continuous sunlight.

To help keep your faux flowers looking vibrant and in peak condition it is a good idea to clean them about once a month as dust and dirt can settle in the small crevices and will dull down the look of your silk.

Although some people suggest soapy water for cleaning fake leaves and petals we find that doing so accelerates fading and affects the rigidity of the leaves which could make them lose their shape or disintegrate.

Therefore we recommend you simply take a cheap clean paintbrush with soft bristles and dust each leaf, petal and flower head, ideally from the centre of the plant outwards. (Whenever possible we suggest you clean your flowers outdoors as the build-up of dirt may be greater than you realise!)

Silk plants are designed for indoor use but with careful and sensible handling they can be used for limited periods of time outdoors too (although sunlight as well as wet or cold weather conditions will have a detrimental effect on them over time).

If you are looking for false outdoor plants then the Boxwood topiary range is ideal as the shaped leaves are moulded from plastic and are designed to withstand the elements.

More Information
Brand Swift
Width 14.000000
Height 130.000000
Weight 1.000000
Approx Sizes Notice Yes
Product Warranty 1 Year
Colour Pink
Plant Type Orchid
UV Protected? No
Suitable for Outdoor Use Yes

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