Flowering Plants

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Artificial Flowers

Our high quality artificial flowers and silk plants are an ideal alternative to real indoor plants and enhance any room in the home or work place.  With their low maintenance and real life look, artificial flowers are becoming a hugely popular choice and with sensible amount of outdoor use can be enjoyed year after year. Most flowering artificial silk plants come with a choice of gorgeous coloured silk flowers.

To keep your artificial flowers vibrant and in tip top condition, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly as dust and dirt can settle in small crevices.  Simply use a clean, dry and soft paint brush to wipe over the leaves and flower heads, the soft bristles of the brush will gently and easily remove dust from all those nooks and crannies!  Keep silk plants dry, don’t use spray bottles with water to clean your plants as they will eventually lose their shape and possibly disintegrate over time.

Silk flowers are recommended for using indoors, however with careful and sensible handling, they can be used for limited periods of time outdoors too – please note that the sun will eventually fade and discolour your silk plants and wet or cold weather will also have an effect on them over time.