Flower Stems & Bouquets


Silk Artificial Plants are popular because the silk materials used give them a real life look. If you're looking to give your premises the best possible looking artificial plants then these plants should be at the top of your list. Silk Artificial Plants are also popular because they are fire retardant and therefore, more safe to have in the home or commercial premises.

These beautiful artificial plants will decorate your home or office and with convenience of not having to water, care for them or give them sunlight. For restaurants and other catering companies, you also avoid all the pest issues involved in keeping real plants.

Keeping these plants clean is also quite simple. All you have to do is dust them off once in a while. It's important not to wet them as the leaves might lose their shape. Simply use a duster or small brush and clean as required. Another technique you may like to try, is to place them in an ordinary plastic bag (with no holes) and add some salt to the bag. Then hold the bag shut tight and shake the bag for a few seconds, allowing the salt to remove any dust in between the leaves.

If you plan to keep these artificial silk plants in direct sunlight, you will need to protect them first with a good quality UV protector. Otherwise, the UV will discolour them. You can find a UV Protector quite easily and follow the instructions. We recommend you keep the plants out of sunlight in order to preserve their colour.