Artificial Topiary Boxwood Hedge 75x100cm

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Artificial Topiary Boxwood Hedge 75x100cm

Artificial plants and flowers - often referred to as 'silks' - are now as popular as ever with individuals and companies wanting realistic eye-catching natural displays that require very little maintenance yet remain looking in their prime all year round.

As well as adding a splash of colour to places where sunlight is limited and live plants would perish, fake plants are a clean and low-maintenance alternative to living foliage.

In addition to the plants and flowers themselves sometimes an ancillary accessory like a corner of picket fence or piece of grass matting may add a finishing touch to a display or add a bit more realism to a setting.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use the Artificial Topiary Boxwood Hedge 75x100cm is perfect to use in a garden as a border, divider, lawn or flower bed edge or simply to liven up the interior or exterior of a doorway, hotel foyer, office or public space.

Made of durable plastic leaves the Artificial Topiary Boxwood Hedge 75x100cm can be used on its own or in conjunction with any of the other plastic topiary to create a setting.

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