Big K Restaurant Charcoal Briquettes, 10KG

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Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal Briquettes, 10kg

  • 100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes
  • Made from wood waste with no binders
  • Ready to cook within 45 minutes
  • Over 3 hours of cooking time
  • Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Central hole to aid airflow for even burning 

Big K Restaurant Charcoal Briquettes, 10KG

Big K Restaurant Grade Charcoal, 10KG is a natural compressed briquette. They are made without binders, so there are no nasty chemicals to spoil the flavour of your cooking. They are made from compressed sawdust waste and wood chips at high pressures to create moulded hexagonal tubes that are consistently sized and shaped, which means they're easy to handle and burn cleanly. The tubes have a central hole to aid airflow, which ensures they burn evenly across your barbecue with no cold or hot spots to manage.

With a cooking time of over 3 hours, they are dependable and long lasting.

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Brand Big K
Weight 10.000000

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They are very good . They hardly produce any smoke. They get really hot and last for hours so ensure you have something that needs long to be cooked


The product is incredible long lasting. Easy10-12 hours out of 1 chimney load when cooking low and slow. Have also used it for “old skool” hot grilling of burgers and belly pork etc. If the BBQ is shut down immediately it has been good for 3 cooks like this, so great value for money. Very clean burning, little smoke and no rubbish at all in the briquettes. The only downside ( and this caught me out on the first go, because I didn’t read the instructions) it takes a little longer to light in the chimney, and a bit more care when stacking to allow airflow and the updraft effect. I bunged it in haphazardly, lit some paper and retired for a beer at the other end of the garden, dismayed on my return to discover that the charcoal was cold and the fire out. Subsequent attempts with careful stacking and these have been great. Well worth the extra effort and have probably replaced the Weber briquettes as my “go to” fuel. Thanks, Riverside. Top job, top product!


Good quality Charcoal. Very pleased with my purchase and would order again:-)

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