Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, 15KG

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Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, 15KG

  • 100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
  • Long-lasting, with a cook time over 3 hours
  • Ready to cook within 30 minutes
  • Easy to light and burns to a white ash for a consistent high heat output
  • Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas, burns with no smoke
  • Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing

Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, 15KG

Big K Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, 15kg is their longest burning lumpwood charcoal. This lumpwood you'll find is generous in size resulting in a long burn time for over 3 hours. If you need to depend on a consistent heat for a long cook this is ideal for home and restaurant barbecuers. Whether you are roasting a whole chicken for a party at home or you need to make sure your restaurant grill is up to temperature for the full service, this is a perfect choice as it is long-lasting and dependable.

It is made from 100% White Quebracho, which is a very high-density wood that burns with no smoke.


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Brand Big K
Weight 15.000000

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It's charcoal. It's black and dusty, makes your hands dirty if you touch it. When it gets hot it burns slowly and turns to dust. It came in a bag sealed by stitching. The bag was placed in a box sealed by adhesive tape. The box was addressed to me and delivered by a carrier. I used the same knife to open the box and to cut the stiches sealing the bag.


Efficient Charcoal

Sam U

Excellent quality coal, nice big lumps that burn HOT and LONG. Easy to light, no smoke, ready to cook within 15 mins. So much better than stuff you buy in the supermarket. Huge bag full as well! Well worth the investment.


Good size chunks of charcoal


Very easily lit and stay consistent with temperature for long time



Great charcoal!


Nice big bag. Burns nice and clean and doesn’t tarnish the food with a chemical taste which some other charcoal can. Would definitely buy again.

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