The Stigma Surrounding Artificial Plants and Trees...

It has to be said that the quality of Artificial Plants and Trees has come on leaps and bounds over the last few year - no longer are they considered ‘tacky’ or ‘out-dated’, in fact, more and more businesses are choosing artificial plants to brighten up their business space and corporate image.

Russell Jeffery, longstanding owner of both the Riverside Garden Centre and the Whistling Duck Restaurant in Hertford explains ‘the advantages of using artificial plants are enormous. Many companies simply don’t have the resources to look after real plants.  Artificial plants and trees offer a convenient, welcoming touch for businesses and they’re the perfect solution for catering related businesses that need to maintain a safe, healthy and pest-free environment.’  With the recession hitting hard, not only is it important for companies to offer the best possible service at the right price, delivering a strong marketing message and portraying a high-quality company image is vital in the process of attracting new customers whilst retaining existing ones.

Transforming Spaces With Artificial Plants and Trees.

First impressions really do count; a company entrance or reception area, for example, is often the first visual point of contact.  In a busy corporate environment, all too often it’s the little ‘touches’ that get neglected or overlooked, yet these elements and attention to detail offer significant importance by allowing companies to deliver a first-class, memorable company impression which can potentially have a profound effect on business.  It is therefore vital that companies pull out all the stops to engage, attract and retain excellent customer relations – a company’s branding, marketing structure and image need to be clear, concise and honest.  A simple display of Artificial Plants or Trees for example not only brightens up any corporate space, but it also offers a professional and inviting welcome to customers with a statement which suggests ‘we care about our company, we care about our customers.'. Below are some examples of businesses who have used our products to transform their space.

      Artificial Plants and Trees for BusinessesArtificial Plants and Trees for BusinessesArtificial Plants and Trees for Businesses

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Catering businesses especially benefit from using artificial plants and silk trees to portray a warm, welcoming and inviting atmosphere.  ‘Large artificial silk trees are great for using as a divider, which enables us to create more private intimate settings in our open plan restaurant’ explains Russell.  ‘As artificial plants are both attractive and portable, this means we can arrange our dining areas to suit our seating plans and functions accordingly, without compromising on the surrounding decor.’  The aesthetic advantages are both obvious and apparent for adding colour and texture to modest areas, however other benefits are worth highlighting too; artificial plants are low in maintenance, they don’t need watering, feeding or pruning and they don’t attract nasty bugs or insects (ideal for health and safety conscious establishments) allowing companies a constant, convenient and cost-effective alternative to real-life flora and fauna displays.

The Riverside Garden Centre displays a large selection of fibre-glass planters, artificial plants, trees and artificial topiaries - find us on the Lower Hatfield Road, Hertford, SG13 8XX or visit our online store by simply clicking on the categories above!

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