Artificial Plants and Trees for Offices.


Green Plants in office Environment


People often stray off of Artifical Plants and Trees when buying plants but the popularity has in fact risen over the years. People have found that the light conditions and temperature of their offices aren't suitable to keep living plants healthy. Most are aware of some needing a specific temperature to survive which can be difficult to achieve within an office. An office is an extremely busy environment and employees would rather spend their time working hard than tending to a plant. With an artificial plant, you can still get the same aesthetic for your office without having to put in the hard work.

Another advantage of using artificial plants is that they last longer than real ones; because of this, they could be a better investment for businesses on a budget. It’s a simple fact that even if your real plants are properly cared for, they’ll still lose their leaves and colour from time to time, and they’ll eventually perish and need to be replaced.

Hay fever, which is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen, affects around 13 million people in the UK each year. Other allergies, such as asthma, can also be aggravated by plants. Although you can reduce hay fever symptoms by choosing plants that don’t release pollen into the air (such as peonies, hydrangea, primrose, and pansies), the safest thing to do in offices is to opt for the artificial alternative. Without the smell of the plant, insects won't be attracted to the plant and this is great for office spaces too!

One of the best things about utilising artificial plants in venues for hospitality is that you can really be creative with it! As well as being available in a range of colours, sizes and plant types, artificial plants can also be hung upside down, placed in very inaccessible places or in places with no direct sunlight. However, don’t fear if you want your plants to have a more classic and ‘authentic’ feel; artificial plants can also be made to be very realistic, and are often mistaken for the real thing.

Having plants in the workplace has been proven to boost employees’ productivity and morale. And although artificial plants aren’t able to filter the air as real plants can, they still have a very positive effect on morale. In the next sections of this blog, we will tell you about some of the most popular artificial plants for offices.

Artificial Orchids in the office.

Artificial 76cm Orchid in Ceramic White Pot, PurpleAppearances matter, and for many offices the reception or main desk is the first impression people, be they potential clients or business partners, get of the company. As a result, it is often important for businesses to have some plants on the desk. Orchids tend to be a firm favourite when it comes to choosing the plants to adorn the reception space, as they require little water and are considered a stylish and sophisticated flower. However, with time orchids will de-flower and will need time to look their best again. With artificial orchids, you lose that worry, don't have to remember to water them, and thanks to recent advances in artificial plants, they now look more real than ever! To see our whole range of stunning artificial orchids click here.


Artificial Trees in the office.

Artificial Kenya Palm Tree 214cm (7ft), Green

Trees are a great way to add some life and greenery to any office space, artificial ones even more so as they require no maintenance! Whether you choose to put them in the corner fo the meeting room or use them as natural dividers in a big open office environment they are sure to add a splash of colour! But we don't just do artificial palms, also available in our amazing range of artificial trees are; Eucalyptus, Ficus', Cactus' and Bamboo's just to name a few!
So head over to our website to see the full range of trees.




Artificial Greenery in the office.

Artificial Large Mixed Leaf Plant, White Pot 70cm

It's not everywhere in the office that trees may be appropriate, and sometimes you may want something different from artificial orchids! That's where our Artificial Greenery comes in. Available in the range is everything from individual ferns and ivy's which you can plant together to your own design, or ready-made mixed greenery like the one in the picture. Perfect for smaller offices or for adding a touch of greenery to desks. To view our full range of greenery and foliage click here.

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