If you’re looking for the perfect grill to take on your summer getaway this year, look no further than the Weber Q1200 portable barbecue. Be it camping or a day trip to the beach this grill is the perfect size to tote along on your summer adventures.

The Weber Q1200 runs off of small disposable gas bottles and comes equipped with a small wire holder for these bottles for hassle-free grilling. The barbecues side tables fold in, exposing handy carry handles on either side of the barbecue.

Although the Q1200 is small it’s mighty, the barbecue comes with porcelain-enamelled cast iron grates and the cook box acts as the Flavorizer bars do on larger gas barbecues so you can rest assured that you’re not sacrificing the quality of your barbecue for portability.

With the Q1200 your camping trip no longer needs to be marred by sub-par cooking… below are some recipe ideas for delicious meals you can cook up on the Q1200

Purchase a Weber Q1200 in August to receive a free cover with your barbecue.

Breakfast burgers

The Q griddle is an amazingly versatile accessory and perfect for making both breakfast and burgers, so why not combine the two? Make patties from sausage meat and smash them down using your spatula and something to weigh it down. Toast some English muffins and fry a couple of eggs and tomatoes up as well. Top with lashings of ketchup or brown sauce and enjoy!


To prevent fish from sticking to the barbecue grates it’s best to use either a wire fish basket or a stainless steel grill basket. You can cook fish whole or fillet them first. Set the barbecue to a lower temperature, around 150°C, and cook the fish until the internal temperature is around 60°C.

Chicken wings

The best way to cook wings is to cut the wing tip off and halve the wings so you’re left with flats and drumettes. Toss the wings in seasoned flour and grill on a high heat to crisp them up. Once cooked through toss the wings in a sauce of your choice (we love buffalo wings!) and enjoy.

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