Caring for your wooden garden furniture.

Here at Riverside, we are proud to stock two major brands of quality garden furniture. Alexander Rose and 4 Seasons outdoor. Each of these manufacturers has different treatments to keep your wooden garden furniture looking it’s best for many years to come.

Alexander Rose Timber Protector 1ltrAlexander Rose Timber Cleaner 1ltr    Alexander Rose Timber Treatment 500ml

Caring for your Alexander Rose wooden furniture.

If left untreated any wooden furniture will weather over time and become a silver/grey colour. By choosing which treatment to go for you can keep or alter the look of your wooden furniture and maintain the finish it originally came with. To show you the differences in treated and untreated wood we have the below picture.

Choosing what treatment to go for also depends on what type of wood your furniture is made of, therefore Alexander Rose has made this handy guide to which products are recommended to use on the different types of wood that you’ll find in their range.

If your furniture has already weathered slightly, and you are wanting to restore it to its former glory, you can use the Alexander Rose timber cleaner, which is designed to clean and brighten any weathered timbers in one easy step. When applied to wet furniture the cleaner removes atmospheric dirt that builds up over time with ease.

Once you have cleaned it, it is then time to protect it, if you want to maintain the finish, using the Alexander Rose timber protector. If you have cleaned the wood and it feels rough you may have to sand it down before applying the protector. Make sure that the wood is dry and free of dust before applying. It is always recommended that you try the protector on a small patch first to make sure the colour meets your expectation.  

If you have pine furniture you may find that instead of the protector you want to use the Alexander Rose Timber sealer. Which is designed to reduce the natural weathering process.

If you have bought some of the stunning Cornis wooden garden furniture from Alexander Rose you may wish to use the specific Alexander Rose Cornis Oil Treatment. It is easy to use and will restore weathered timber to the same quality and finish as when it was bought.

Caring for your Wooden Garden Furniture from 4 Seasons Outdoor.

Caring for your 4 seasons outdoor furniture is just as simple as with the Alexander Rose.
Most of the wood you find in the 4 seasons range will be teak, therefore all you would need is the 4 Seasons Outdoor Teak Cleaner followed by the 4 Seasons Outdoor Teak Protector.
If your wooden furniture is in the grey colour from 4 seasons, then you would need to follow the cleaner with the 4 seasons outdoor instant grey treatment. This can also be used if you have teak furniture which you would like to go grey.
Some of the wooden furniture from 4 seasons have stainless steel structures, in which case you can use the Rust remover and Rust preventer to give that final protection and get your furniture spring ready.

If you have any further question on the care and cleaning of your Wooden garden furniture please do not hesitate to contact our furniture specialists on 01992 514 778 or sales@riversidegardencentre.co.uk

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