Corporate team building events are a great way to forget about the stresses and strains in work life, breaking down barriers. improving communication skills, boosting morale and work productivity.

That's why at Riverside, we have decided to host our own team building cooking events.

Corporate Cooking Courses

Team Building Cooking Events
Come together with your colleagues and have a fun, competitive team building day. Put in teams, you'll have to problem solve, work together, delegate and develop trusting relationships with your co-workers to be the winning team! While doing that you'll be learning life long skills you can take home and back to the office.

Team building events are necessary to improve morale and productivity within the workplace. They provide a chance to get out of the work environment to join in an activity where everyone can participate with an equal starting point. Sometimes, at work, in busy environments, it can be difficult to get to identify the skills of your staff. You may find that one of your team members shines and has leadership skills on the team event which you didn't notice before. It's good to get to connect with your staff and understand what they are really like.

These team building days will also make your employees feel valued, involved and you'll notice them flourish with a new lease of life when they get back to work.

Team Building Event

Our Corporate Barbecue Cooking Class
Taking a twist on the usual corporate cooking courses, you'll be developing barbecuing skills being led by a professional chef who is eager to show you just how diverse cooking on a barbecue can be.

Now don't worry about the weather! Our barbecuing school is set up for all types of weather conditions. So you'll be able to do this all year round, come rain or shine.

Our corporate cooking events will be tailor-made for your day. We can cater for vegetarians & allergies so don't fear!

With our corporate barbecuing cooking class you'll come away with:

Better working within a team
Communication skills
Improved productivity
Chopping skills
Wide range of new barbecuing recipes
Gas and Charcoal knowledge
Passion for all year round barbecuing
Winners Treat!!
Full tummies!
For more information on our team building events, please see our corporate cooking course page.

Corporate Cooking Classes

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