Compact 47 cm and 57 cm.

The Compacts are both great beginners BBQ's. With their shallow lid and bowl, they will allow you to cook all the 'traditional' BBQ stuff like burgers, sausages and kebabs in no time. The compact 47cm is a perfect BBQ for couples having friends
over, as it will comfortably cook for 4 people. The 57cm compact is perfect for small families as you will find yourself being able to cook for about 6 - 8 people

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous in your cooking, Weber still has something for you...

Weber® Compact 47cm  Weber® Compact 57cm

Weber 47cm Kettle Plus

The kettle plus 47cm is a great choice in places where space is small or where it is not needed to cook for a lot of people. You will find that the 47cm kettle will allow you to cook for about 4 people.


Weber® Kettle Plus GBS® 47cm (Black)
It also allows you to use some of the GBS accessories like the griddle, pizza stone, sear grate and even the newest Wok! Giving you the opportunity to expand and experiment with your BBQ'ing.

With the deeper bowl the kettle plus will also allow you to do the indirect cooking, but be aware, the lid is very shallow so nothing too big will fit under there.

The Kettle plus benefits from having the lid holder as well, leaving you with both hands-free to cook your delicious food.

Weber 57cm Kettle

The 57 cm:
There are different varieties of the Weber 57cm kettles, all of which benefits from the larger cooking area allowing you to cook for 6 - 8 people.

All of the 57cms (except the compact) benefit from a deeper bowl and higher lid, giving you endless opportunities as to what you can cook on there, want to BBQ? Roast? Smoke? Bake? You can do all that and so much more.

Featuring the charcoal rails or dividers, the 57 cm kettles allows you to easily cook indirectly, leaving you worry free as your roast takes care of itself under the lid.

Not only does the deeper bowl and higher lid give you a benefit, all of the 57cm's fits the kettle rotisserie, giving you, even more, ways to produce delicious food.

Another great thing about the 57 cm is that all the Gourmet Barbecue System attachments will fit (GBS cooking grates sold separately on some models), allowing you to give your steak the perfect sear, create delicious waffles, or impress your guests with a beercan chicken and vegetables cooked hassle free.

Finally, on all the 57 cm kettles you have the option to purchase a Stainless Steel Cooking grate, burning just that bit hotter, allowing your food to get the perfect sear, every time.

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