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When you think about gas barbecues, portability isn't something that springs to mind easily - most perhaps think of them as permanent fixtures in the garden. This is not the case though thanks to the ingenious barbecue experts and developers at Weber, where portable gas barbecues are possible, without compromising on performance, features or style.

No Weber barbecue is available to the public without vigorous testing, more testing and then testing of the testing, therefore you can be rest assured that if Weber are happy with their design, features and barbecue performance, you will be too!

Portability is a key factor with the Q range, especially with the Q120 and Q220's where heat resistant and glass-reinforced nylon frames with built-in carry handles allows the them to be used on a table top or easily placed on one of Weber's custom Q range stands or portable carts. There's no hanging around with these Q's - having the option of separating barbecue from stands allows the Q range to be ultra-portable, therefore great for barbecuing on the move, perfect for the caravan and fits easily in the boot of the car.

What's the difference between the Q120, Q220 and Q320?

Well, to be honest, not a lot more than the progression in overall size, cooking area and natural increase in output performance - once Weber have established a great design and features, there's nothing else that needs adding other than good food and company! Here's a quick rundown of the Q range to hopefully help you decide which 'Q' is right for you!..

Weber Q120

The Q120 is a great little portable gas barbecue but large enough to feed up to 6 people quite comfortably. Disposable Weber 445g gas canisters are used allowing up to 5 hours of cooking time with the option of using larger patio gas when fitted with an adapter kit, or hook it up to the gas supply on your caravan thanks to the caravan adapter kit (genius idea!). The general size of the barbecue, built-in carry handles and folding tables also makes this an ideal choice for using in the home, weekend getaways, day trips and holidays. Available on its own or with the stand. The Weber rolling cart (which is collapsible) is also available.

Weber® Q® 1200 with stand Weber® Q® 1200 Barbecue

Weber Q220

Also known as the ‘Midi Q’, the Q220 has all the same great features as the Q120, although overall a larger barbecue and accommodating a feast for up to 8 people with 730 cm sq more cooking area. The Q220 is efficient with gas consumption and standard 5kg or 13kg patio gas bottles are used instead of the disposable gas canisters, making the Q220 slightly less portable than the Q120 - although still portable enough to put in the boot of the car. The Q200 series barbecues can also be connected to your caravan supply using the Caravan Adapter Kit. Available on its own, with stand or permanent cart. Collapsible rolling cart is also available.

Weber® Q® 2200 With Stand  

Weber Q320

The ‘Family Q’ is huge in both popularity and power, large enough (2990 cm sq of cooking area) to cook up a feast for the whole family, yet portable enough to move around the garden easily on the Q permanent cart. At nearly 40kg in weight and bolted to the permanent cart, this is not a barbecue you can put into the back of the car easily, therefore if ultimate portability for holidays or weekend breaks is an essential consideration for you, perhaps the Q220 would be better suited.

However, size isn’t everything this barbecue has to offer and there are a few extra features with an additional stainless steel burner delivering maximum heat output and large cast-iron cooking grates with an enamel coating that come in two parts allowing you to interchange one section with a griddle (sold separately). There’s also the advantage of a Grill-out handle light allowing it easy for you to keep cooking until the sun goes down.

Weber® Q® 3200 with Permanent Cart

Still not sure which Weber Q?

If you’re still not sure which ‘Q’ BBQ is the right one for you, the only thing to do is to see them all in person. The Riverside Garden Centre can be found Hertford, just north a little from London and is one of the most popular Weber Partner Stores and home to the largest UK showroom for Weber barbecues and accessories, so you can see all the Q barbecues next to each other to compare. Weber experts are also on hand to offer advice and information and regular barbecue cooking demonstrations allows you to see how the barbecues perform and cooking possibilities available.

*correct at time of writing this article, please check with your stockist

**Please note Weber have now updated this range to Q1200, Q2200 and Q3200 (05/11/2019)

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