2013 brings a design change for the popular Weber Spirit range - they've been revamped with an overall fresher look and style and improved with front-mounted control knobs to give more preparation space. You'll also find a change to the line up with a couple of additional barbecues thrown into the mix as ‘Exclusive In-Store’ barbecues (Spirit E210 and E310 Original).

Weber Spirit E210 Classic

The popular entry-level gas barbecue allows city dwellers or those with limited space to enjoy the benefits from a powerful gas barbecue – the Spirit E210 comes with two folding side tables, making it even more compact than ever before and with the ability to cook for up to 6-10 people, the Spirit E210 is most definitely a great barbecue with impressive performance.

Weber® Spirit® Classic 2 Burner BBQ with Side Hob

Weber E310 Spirit Classic 

The E310 shares the same new design features as the E210 with front-mounted control knobs and gas bottle screen, although the two side tables are fixed, as opposed to folding like the E210. The extra stainless steel burner and larger cooking area (61 x 45cm as opposed to 52 x 45cm for the E210) means this is overall, a larger, more powerful version of the E210 with a cooking capacity for up to 6-15 people on average.

Weber E320 Spirit Original

The E320 is the same overall size as the E310, with extra features and the obvious design difference with the enclosed card and front painted door instead of the mesh screen. Cast iron cooking grates are fitted rather than porcelain enamel, there’s a side burner ideal for cooking vegetables and side dishes and a ‘electronic’ crossover ignition switch, which crudely put in layman’s terms means when you press the button to light your burners, it’s quicker to light and you hear a ‘click click’ rather than a ‘clunk’ (obviously not ‘official’ terminology!)      main product photo

Weber S320 Spirit Premium

Weber Spirit Premium S320 (This is now discontinued.) The S320 Premium is the same size and shares the same features as the E320 with a stainless steel finish and stainless steel cooking grates. There’s a condiment holder to the left-hand side of the barbecue and a mesh gas bottle screen to the right-hand side.

Weber E210 and E310 Spirit Original

Spirit Original E210 and E310 - Only available to purchase In-Store New for 2013 - Only available at official Weber stores like the Riverside Garden Centre in Hertford (UK’s largest Weber Partner Store and Showroom). Both the E210 and E310 Spirit Original BBQ's fundamentally offer the same structure and build as their previously mentioned ‘Classic’ counterparts, however the cooking grates have been replaced with cast iron grates, both have the ‘electronic’ crossover ignition switch and the style is different with the enclosed cart as opposed to the mesh screen.

Weber® Spirit® Original E-210 , Black    Weber® Spirit® Original E310

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