It’s true what they say that winter is the most magical time of year, and one of the best times to have a barbecue! Okay, so we added that last part, but we believe that people pack their barbecues away right when things start to get fun. Why not break out the patio heaters and the blankets and have some friends over for a breathtaking winter barbecue.

First things first, there are some precautionary steps you’ll want to take to avoid any accidents when grilling in the winter; make sure the space is well lit and cleared of any snow or ice to avoid slipping. If you are wearing loose or trailing clothes, such as a scarf, make sure you’ve tucked any loose ends away to avoid catching yourself on fire. You’ll also want to consider the fact that you’ll be using more fuel when cooking in cold weather than you would in the summer and that heat loss can increase the cooking time by 25%.

If you have a gas barbecue angle it so that the wind is perpendicular to the flow of gas through the burner tubes. If your burners go out whilst you are using the barbecue turn all the gas taps off and open the lid of the barbecue and wait a few minutes before attempting to relight the barbecue.

Now that all that’s out of the way it’s time to get to the fun part and the barbecue is just the tip of the iceberg. Why not deck your garden out with fairy lights and snuggle up in blankets whilst your dinner cooks? The Warmvibes patio heater is the perfect companion to your winter barbecues, with a built-in light and Bluetooth speaker it’s sure to get the party heating up.

Why not gather around the fire pit with some mulled wine and toast marshmallows? Spending quality time under the stars with your friends and family is the perfect way to end your day, add some delicious barbecued food and what more could you want?

For a winter barbecue, a Bluetooth meat thermometer like an iGrill or the Meater will be your best friend. These thermometers allow you to monitor the temperature of your meat and barbecue if you have an ambient probe, from your phone – meaning you can spend more time with your mates and less hovering around the grill. This is especially helpful when the cold weather could cause heat loss in your barbecue.

Another great accessory, which brings both convenience and warmth to your fingertips, is the Weber Premium BBQ Gloves. Available in sizes S/M and L/XL theses heavy duty make picking up hot accessories a breeze. The gloves extend up the forearm, keeping you nice and warm and helping you stay safe.

So what are you waiting for? String up some fairy lights, break out the blankets, get the firepit going and invite all your closest friends and family over for some delicious food and good vibes.

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