Introducing the new Weber SmokeFire

The Basics

The new Weber SmokeFire is an electric grill that runs off of natural hardwood pellets. The barbecue is available in two sizes, the EX4 and EX6 which retail for £1,199 and £1,449 respectively. The grill has a temperature range of 95-315°C, allowing you to smoke low and slow as well as sear food at a high heat.


Inside the barbecue is a DC powered inclined auger, designed to prevent auger jams, which feeds pellets into the fire pot where they are lit by the glow plug and produce smoke to cook with. The barbecue features grease traps in the bottom which filter grease into the ash and grease drawer below, which has a drip tray and a section to catch the ash from the burnt pellets. The barbecue has stainless steel Flavorizer bars and a porcelain-enamelled heat distribution plate. The stainless steel grates are GBS compatible, meaning you will be able to use any GBS accessories you already own with the SmokeFire.


The body of the SmokeFire is porcelain-enamelled steel with a heavy-duty steel frame. Both sizes of the barbecue have a large stainless steel side table with two tool hooks. The chrome handles allow you to easily manoeuvre the barbecue and swivel locking casters can be used to keep the barbecue in place. The hopper sits along the back of the barbecue and has a 10kg capacity. Inside the hopper is sloped to allow the pellets to move more easily into the auger. The rear vent system promotes even heat distribution and allows smoke to circulate the barbecue evenly.

Additional Features

The SmokeFire has an LCD display to allow you to set your temperature and monitor your cook. The barbecue comes with one meat probe and room to plug four in, which will connect to Weber's newest technology: Weber Connect. The Weber Connect not only sends you diagnostic alerts, such as a warning when your hopper is low on pellets, but also will allow you to oversee your cook through the app. Weber Connect is very similar to their iGrill technology, however, connects to your phone via your WiFi connection rather than BlueTooth.

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