MSG free rubs at Riverside

With such a large variety of rubs available to buy here at Riverside we often get asked questions about them, and we are happy to answer them! A question which has been asked more frequently lately is in regards to MSG free rubs. This blog post is a handy guide to the brands of rubs we sell at Riverside that contains no MSG. 

Riverside Rubs

Riverside RubsWhen we created our range of rubs, it was essential to us that they were accessible to everyone, that's why the new range of Riverside Rubs contain no MSG, are free of gluten, salt and sugar.  As a bonus, our rubs are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being paleo and slimming world friendly. You can find the whole range of Riverside rubs here.



Country Wood Smoke

Country Wood Smoke House RubCreated by Marcus Bawdon of Country Wood Smoke, the House and Mocha rubs are both free of MSG. The two rubs from the Country Wood Smoke range shows that Marcus is a guy who knows his stuff. Expertly blended they are both firm favourites with us here at Riverside. You can shop the range here






Bad Byron's Butt Rub

Bad Byron's Butt RubOne of our best selling American rubs, Bad Byron's Butt Rub is MSG free too! Available in two different shaker sizes, this is a great all-purpose rub which is used by the championship and backyard barbecuers alike. It has the perfect blend of onion, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika and chipotle. What's more, it's also Gluten free! Find Bad Byron's Butt Rub here







Butcher Barbecue. 

Butcher BBQ, Smoked Chipotle RubThe rubs from butcher BBQ are available in three different varieties; Steak and Brisket, Honey Rub and Smoked Chipotle. All three of these are free of MSG and Gluten. Among the three the chipotle seasoning is a world food championship winner, so feel free to sprinkle away and enjoy the award-winning taste of butcher bbq. You can find the whole range here








Fergolicious Sweet Sweet Luv RubIt's not just delicious; it is Fergolicious. The range of rubs from Fergolicious barbecue team is all about the 'Luv', with the Luv Rub and Sweet Sweet Luv Rub both being MSG and gluten-free, you can feel the 'luv' tonight as you savour the flavours of Kansas City barbecue with these rubs. Find them here






Hardcore Carnivore

Hardcore Carnivore RubsCreated by Jess Pryles in Texas, the Hardcore Carnivore range is taking the barbecue scene by storm. Featuring three different rubs; Amplify, Red and Black, the range covers all the barbecue bases. Amplify help turn up the savoury volume and intensifies the flavour of your food by providing an extra boost of umami to your food. Hardcore Carnivore black, is designed for meats of all kinds. With many of the familiar flavours like garlic, onion salt and pepper what gives this rub its name is the addition of charcoal in the rub! It creates the perfect base for a crust to form when you grill your meat and a beautiful contrast between the dark exterior and perfectly cooked interior. Finally, Hardcore Carnivore Red was designed in response to feedback from Jess' fans. Many found that they loved the flavour of the 'black' rub, but that the colour didn't suit cooking lighter meats like pork. Jess answered their feedback by creating the red rub, same flavour profile but different colour. In addition to being MSG free the Harcore Carnivore range is also gluten-free. Shop for the whole range here

Historic BBQ

Historic Barbecue Red RubWithin the Historic BBQ range of rubs, you will find the Red for pork and poultry and the black for beef and bird. Both of the rubs are championship blends and are MSG and gluten-free and 100% natural. You can find them both here







Meat Church. 

Meat Church RubsMeat Church offers one of the biggest ranges of MSG free American rubs we stock here at Riverside. With 11 different varieties, all MSG free, there is sure to be something to everyone's taste. Whether you want a kick from the 'Hot honey Hog' or something a bit more mellow from the 'Holy Gospel' Meat Church can offer it. You can find our whole range of Meat Church products here






Oakridge BBQ The Dominator RubOakridge BBQ takes rubs serious! With more documented wins than any other rub brand in the history of competition barbecue, you know you are in for a treat when you use one of the Oakridge rubs! With ten different varieties to chose from, ranging from the sweet "dominator" rib rub to the spicy "Habanero Death Dust". All of Oakridges rubs are also 100% Natural and gluten-free. Shop the whole Oakridge range here








Slap Ya Mama

Slap Ya Mama  Rub"Slap ya mama", the 'original' cajun seasoning from Walker and sons is a great mixture of spices, suitable to use in almost any dish. Not too spicy, but packed full of flavour, this might become your new kitchen staple. Find it here







The Smokey Carter

The Smokey Carter Mango and Lime RubIf you are looking for something a bit more exotic and MSG free, then look to The Smokey Carter. Their range of rubs features flavour pairings like "mango and lime", "Wasabi and lime" and "Lemon Garlic Chili". All of their rubs are 100% natural and gluten-free. And are also suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. With several of their rubs winning Great Taste awards you know they have got to be good! Find the whole range here

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