Why buy a Traeger?

For those who love the ease and simplicity of a gas barbecue but believe you just can’t beat the delicious taste of natural wood smoke, a wood-fired smoker may be the perfect solution. The Traeger grills run off electricity but cook with the heat and smoke from wood pellets, the pellets are fed through the auger into the fire pot where they are burnt for fuel.

Not only does this make the Traeger grills incredibly easy to use – so easy that one of Traeger’s favourite sayings is ‘Set It & Forget It’ – but it also gives you amazing an amazing taste, with over 10 flavours of pellets to choose from. Furthermore, a Traeger offers consistency with a temperature range of ± 5°C from the set temperature. The auger feeds through exactly the amount of pellets needed to maintain the temperature; this allows you to focus less on the temperature of your grill and more on the actual art of grilling, experimenting with smoke flavours, rubs, sauces, and marinades.

The versatility of the Traeger grills makes them the perfect barbecue for everyone, able to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue – there’s nothing these amazing grills can’t do!


Traeger RangerIf you’re an adventurer, or perhaps just lack the room for a fully-fledged Traeger, the new Ranger grill might be perfect for you. With and 8lb hopper capacity and cooking area of 1187cm2 its size is no indicator of its abilities. The grill is made even easier to transport by the latching lid and handle.

The Ranger also includes a meat probe that allows you to monitor the temperature of your food as well as a keep-warm mode, therefore, providing all the amazing Traeger typical features in one condensed package. Why not cook yourself some breakfast on the included cast-iron griddle?

Pro D2 575 and 780

Traeger Pro D2 575The new Pro D2 series is available in two sizes and with several exciting new features. Traeger has extended their WiFIRE® technology across all ranges, this allows you to connect your grill to your WiFi and change the temperature, set timers, and monitor your food all from your phone.

On top of this, the new D2 Direct Drive technology combines a DC motor and variable speed fan to make these new Traeger grills the most efficient thus far. This means that the grill heats up faster, maintains a more consistent temperature, and recovers faster after having the lid opened. Furthermore, this generates more blue smoke that is used more efficiently.

The new Pro D2 series grills no longer require a warm-up cycle and the newly incorporated TurboTemp® feature has your grill warm in record time. With Keep Warm mode it doesn’t matter when you want to eat, your food will always be hot off the grill.

Timberline 850 and 1300

Traeger Timberline 1300The Timberline series takes all these features to the next level. Traeger has incorporated a Downdraft Exhaust® system, wherein the blue smoke enters the grill from the bottom, circling the drum and infusing the food with the wood-smoke flavour. When the smoke is old it falls to the bottom of the drum and exits through the exhaust at the lower back of the grill. This makes room for new blue smoke and ensures that smoke is used effectively. The double-walled stainless steel interior helps the grill maintain its temperature without the need for further fuel, additionally, the gasket around the door helps reduce smoke wastage. These features make the Timberline more efficient and reduce heat-loss making winter grilling easier than ever.

The pellet sensor on the Timberline series can monitor how many pellets are left in your hopper and alert you when you are running low meaning you’ll never find your cook grinding (literally) to a halt because you forgot to check the hopper.

Finally, the adjustable 3-tier grate system features sturdy stainless steel grates that allow for include a dual position smoke/sear bottom grate. This means that the grate can be lowered to be closer to the heat source allowing for meat to be seared off at a higher temperature. The three-tier system expands the cooking area of the barbecue and allows for the most effective use of the cooking space.

For further information on any of the Traeger models please feel free to contact our specialist team on 01992 514 778 or sales@riversidegardencentre.co.uk.

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