The brand new Thermapen

The Thermapen is the world’s N01 selling meat thermometer. The Thermapens have a temperature range of -4.9—299.9 degrees Celsius. These are amazing for meat, poultry and fish.

There are two different types of Thermapen, the Classic and the Professional. The Classic is available in red and the Professional comes in the both black and red.

The differences between a Professional and Classic Thermapen

There are several differences between the Professional and Classic Thermapen, the Professional has a much longer battery life than the Classic. The battery life of the Classic Thermapen is around 1500 hours, whereas the Professional boasts a battery life of up to 3000 hours. The Classic and the Professional takes two lithium coin batteries.

Both thermometers are superfast, reaching temperatures in just 3 seconds. This is over 50% faster than other traditional thermometers.

The Thermapen Professional features an auto intelligent backlight, as well as an automatic 360° rotating display meaning you can read the temperature on the display from any angle. The Professional Thermapen is waterproof to IP66/67 and is protected by a rubber seal, minimising the risk of water, dust and food entering the thermometer.

These thermometers are the top-selling meat thermometer for a reason and are definitely a must-have!


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