La Hacienda Garden Church Window MirrorWhy use mirrors outdoors?

Mirrors are the perfect unexpected way to add a special something to your garden. People have been using mirrors for years to make indoor spaces look bigger so why not move the practice outside? Incorporating a beautiful mirror into your garden can not only expand the feel of the space but will also add a whimsical sense of charm to your garden. Additionally, using mirrors in your garden is a perfect way to play to the hot trend of bringing the indoors out with 'outdoor homing'.

How to place your mirror

Why not try angling your mirror so that instead of reflecting the observer upon approach it instead reflects greenery or blossoms, this will give the effect of more space and make the mirror look like an entrance to a secret world. This is a lovely trick to create the illusion of a larger garden and add a mystical romantic feel to the garden.

Rather than hanging your mirror from a wall consider blending your mirror amongst the greenery, this will integrate the mirror perfectly into your garden and give a sense of a garden beyond. You may even consider planting climbing plants around the mirror to really help it become one with the garden.

For a stunning effect try incorporating a mirror into a pond or water feature. This will really give the impression of a lush and vibrant garden. Or showcase a sculpture you love by placing a mirror behind it to allow it to be seen from all angles.

Things to be careful of

When placing your mirror be aware of what it will be reflecting, you want the mirror to create a romantic concept of a garden beyond the frame so you don't it to be reflecting drainpipes. You can use a piece of wood behind the mirror to angle it away from unsightly views.

Another thing to beware of is birds - we've all had a bird fly into a window not realising there was anything there we don't want the same happening with your garden mirror. Avoid placing mirrors too high or in any areas of the garden you know birds frequent, for example, next to a feeder or a tree they like to perch on.

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