There's no need to restrict yourself to the confines of your garden, open a whole world of possibilites with one of our amazing quality portable barbecues. Whether you prefer to cook on coals or gas, we have the barbecue to suit your needs.



Go-Anywhere® CharcoalThe Go-Anywhere® Charcoal barbecue boasts a practical retangular design with a triple-plated steel cooking grate. With two curved legs to keep the barbecue off the ground that also fold up to lock the lid in place, this barbecue is ideal for those who are always on the go.

With a porcelain-enamelled lid and bowl this barbecue is easy to use and maintain. The Go-Anywhere® Charcoal features vents on the sides and lid that can be used to control the temperature and closed when you have finish cooking to aid in starving your fire and make packing up speedier.

The Go-Anywhere® Charcoal can feed two to three people and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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Almost identical to the Go-Anywhere® Charcoal, the gas model of the barbecue allows for 445g disposable gas bottles to be screwed diectly into the regulator of the barbecue, allowing for an average of three hours of cooking. However, an adaptor can be purchased for the barbecue to allow it to run on large patio gas bottles.

The Go-Anywhere® Gas features porcelain-enamelled steel cooking grates, a non-stick finish which protects the steel from rusting and aids in distributing heat more evenly. A push button ignition makes lighting your Go-Anywhere® Gas easier than ever. No need to fuss around with coals, just turn it on a get cooking.

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Smokey Joe®

Smokey Joe® PremiumThis is the perfect barbecue for those who love the iconic charcoal barbecue. Available in four colours as well as the original black, the Smokey Joe® features a 37cm cooking grate, which equates to 1075cm2 cooking area, perfect for two to three people. Whoever said good things come in small packages was obviously accquainted with the Smokey Joe®.

With a gorgeous porcelain-enamelled finish that make it easy to clean and maintain this barbecue features a weatherproof handle equipped with a protective heat shield to protect your hands. The Tuck-n-Carry lid lock allows for easy transportation of the barbecue and the fully closable vents allow you to starve your coals once you've finished barbecuing.

The Smokey Joe® Premium comes with a free charcoal measuring and 10-year limited warranty.

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Q 1200Available in three exciting colours the Q1200 is the most practical of all our portable barbecues. Whilst it's small size means it is easy to transport the Q1200's features make it a viable option for a permanent barbecue as well.

Like the Go-Anywhere® Gas, the Q1200 runs off of the small disposable gas bottles, and includes a small wire holder to place the bottles in. Like the Go-Anywhere® an adaptor can be purchased to convert the barbecue to patio gas.

The lid and body of the Q 1200 are spray-painted cast aluminium, which is  durable as well as good at holding in the heat, thereby reducing fuel waste. The heat in the cookbox of the barbecue will cause the fats and juices that run down the sides to vaporise, giving a delicious depth of flavour to your food. The lid features a thermometer which allows you to keep an eye the internal temperature, allowing for more accurate cooking and amazing results every time.

The porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates offer a cooking area of 1355cm2, which can serve up to four people. Cast iron retains up to 60% more of the heat than other metals. Additionally, the porcelain-enamel makes the grates non-stick, easy to clean durable.

The Q1200 also features fold-out side tables, which can be used to store crockery or food. There is also a removable drip tray underneath the barbecue for ease of cleaning and the frame is heat resistant.

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