Get To Know: Rotisserie Cooking:

It’s a cooking method whose origins go back at least 8,000 years. Think cooking at its most primal: a hunk of meat, a stick and an open fire. These days, rotisserie cooking has got a little more sophisticated and it’s the hottest trend in BBQ right now. Basically a form of roasting, this ‘lid down’ method is easy to do and requires minimal effort. Once you’re set up and your BBQ’s at the right temperature, there’s hardly any checking to do and no need to turn food or do much basting. By using a motorised spit attachment, the food is constantly turned for you, allowing it to roast slowly and self-baste in its own juices. The end result: evenly cooked meat, melt-in-the-mouth tender on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside.

What Can You Cook on a Weber BBQ Rotisserie Chicken?

Almost any recipe that calls for indirect heat for a large piece of protein works well on the rotisserie. Just check the weight limit for your chosen model and make sure you don’t overload the spit. Meat: think whole chickens and turkeys, leg of lamb, ham joints and ribs. Try veggies or potato wedges with the Weber Rotisserie Basket. Get perfect kebabs with the Weber Kebab Rotisserie System. Rotisserie Top-Tips Use a high quality attachment. Weber’s rotisseries are built to last and use heavy-duty electric motors to ensure smooth turning and even cooking. Always refer to your manual for safety instructions before turning on the rotisserie. Truss or tie your meat with butchers twine for a more even cook and to help prevent protruding parts like wings and legs from burning. Keep the lid closed whilst cooking! Avoid the temptation to peek, as you’ll lose heat. Place your meat as centred and as balanced as possible. Fill a drip tray with vegetables and water or broth and place underneath the meat to collects fats and juices that can cause flare-ups. This will also add moisture to the food and catch the dripping which can be used later to make a tasty gravy. Try using wood chips for extra smoky, authentic barbecue flavour. There no need to have to guess when your meat’s ready: use a thermometer so you know exactly when your meat is cooked perfectly. Use grill mitts to void any nasty burns. Apply any sauce in the last 15 to 20 minutes of cooking.

Weber® Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series Rotisserie                                  Weber® Kettle BBQ Rotisserie

Want to see rotisseries in action and see all the basics demonstrated by a top chef?

Come along to our demo this weekend with barbecue chef Richard Holden. Richard Holden BBQ Chef Book Now: Rock Your Rotisserie BBQ Masterclass this Sunday 12th July. Shop Rotisseries Weber’s rotisserie attachments make it easy for anyone to create delicious, spit-roasted food at home. Almost all Weber models can be fitted with a rotisserie: Weber Kettle Rotisserie, Weber Q Rotisseries, Weber Genesis Rotisserie, Weber Spirit Rotisserie, All Weber Summits come with a rotisserie as standard Look out for bundle deals which include rotisserie attachments.

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