Top Ten Stocking Fillers For Barbecue Lovers.

We know that finding the perfect present for that special barbecue lover in your life can sometimes be hard, in this blog we have gathered a selection of 10 small presents, perfect for anyone who loves to barbecue but won't break the bank either.

Burger Press.
First on our list is something which is sure to make their life easier! The Weber® Burger press will allow them to make perfectly shaped quarter and half pounders in no time at all! Also available is a Slider Press which creates small sliders, perfect for the BBQ buffet, which you are bound to be invited to! RRP £12.99

main product photo

Smoke It All, Smoke Dust.

 Adding that extra bit of something to their BBQing has never been easier. The Smoke It All dust trays comes in a variety of different flavour combinations like Mustard and Basil, Rosemary & Juniper & Garlic & Ginger! And what’s more, they are super easy to use! RRP £2.99

Smoke It All Smoking Dust, Juniper Berries, Cones & Spices - Single Tray

Weber® Instant-Read Thermometer.

Make their barbecue safe and hassle-free. Gone are the days of worrying whether the chicken is safe to eat, or whether the steak is medium rare. With the Weber® Instant-Read Thermometer, they can easily check and become a BBQ champion in no time! RRP £16.99

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Riverside Rubs.

Tasty little pots of joy! That’s how we like to think of our rubs! With 16 of them in total in a wide variety of flavours, there is something for everyone! From Barbecue to Peri-Peri, Herby Fish to Jerk Chicken you’re sure to find something they’ll love! RRP £2.99

Riverside Rub Bundle x14

Weber® Silicone Brush & Marinade Jar.

Now here’s every BBQ sauce lover’s dream!
The Weber® Marinade Jar with Silicone Brush makes basting those ribs a walk in the park! No more wondering where to place the brush, or what bowl to put the sauce in, this does it all! RRP £16.99

Original Marinade Jar with Silicone Brush

Tubby Tom’s Sauces.

 Here’s something to spice up their life (and cooking).
The delicious sauces from Tubby Toms are made in the UK and have everything from the more subtle Smokey Schweet to the fiery Ghost Town or Scorpion Slammer Sauces. RRP from £3.75


Traeger Chrome Bottle Opener.

If you are looking for something different for the barbecue fan in your life, then this branded Traeger bottle opener might be just the thing! With a built-in tool holder at the bottom, it will not only open all the refreshments they need whilst cooking you some delicious food, it will also hold their tools whilst they do so! RRP £17.99

main product photo

Chilli Rocks Gift Pack.

 Got a daredevil in your life? Then we reckon this might be the perfect stocking filler for them! The Chilli Rocks Gift set from Spice ‘n Tice is the ideal thing for anyone looking for a challenge, or those who like it hot! The pack contains small tubs of dried chilli ranging in heat! From the milder “Sweet Ancho” all the way up to the “Carolina Reaper” which comes with a health warning! RRP £19.99

Weber® Wood Chips.

In our opinion, one of the best things you can add to their stocking this year is things that add flavour to their cooking. The Weber® Wood Chips come in many different varieties which suit different meats and gives different levels of smoky flavour. The one shown here is the pork smoking blend, the blends are mixtures of woods tailored to suit different types of meat. Also available are blends for beef and fish. RRP £5.99

Weber® Beef Wood Chips 0.7kg

Weber® Cook Book.

To complete our list of stocking fillers we thought we’d add something which can inspire the cook in your life. Weber® does a whole range of different cookbooks, from one specialised in smoking, to one focusing on American barbecues to the newer one which has all the ‘Greatest Hits’ in it. The books are sure to be a success as they continue to give inspiration for many barbecues to come. RRP from £14.99 - £19.99

Weber's Greatest Hits Cookbook  Weber® Complete Barbecue Book Weber's American BBQ Book


Not quite found the stocking filler you were looking for? We could have kept on going! Why not have a browse of the website and see if the perfect present for that special someone is there!



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