Wood pellet grills are the new must-have! A great way to cook your food outdoors, making your cooking more exciting and expanding your cooking skills. Wood pellet grills are well known for their direct and indirect cooking, this helps to both sear food and also achieve the authentic low and slow taste when smoking. Wood-fired grills offer amazing results every time, allowing you to really go in-depth with the flavours you're adding to your cook.

Weber SmokeFire

Weber Smokefire

The new Weber SmokeFire was created to inject a delicious, smokey flavour into your cooking, in a similar way as a charcoal BBQ. These smokers are available in two sizes: the EX4 and the EX6.

It’s even easier cooking with the SmokeFire due to Weber's new technology, the Weber connect which notifies you when it’s time to flip and serve with top-of-the-range grilling assistance. What more could you want?

This Weber model is perfect for searing steaks and cooking other wonderful foods such as pork belly, beef brisket, St Louis ribs, chicken thighs and much more. The list really is endless! The SmokeFire also provides the versatility to smoke, roast, grill and bake food.

The SmokeFire has a porcelain-enamelled finish, which helps prevent rusting and protects your grill from the elements. Weber have also released three flavours of wood pellets for the SmokeFire: apple, hickory, and grill academy blend. Each flavour has its recommended uses but can be used for a variety of cooks. The SmokeFire is also compatible with the full Weber GBS accessory range.

Traeger Pellet Grills

Traeger Pellet Grill

Traeger offer a wide range of pellet grills, from the Pro series to the Timberline, and have also released a couple of limited edition grills, the Century and Silverton models, both of which come with a free cover and pack of drip tray liners. With such a wide range of grills to choose from, there's something for everyone in the Traeger range.

Traeger's motto is 'set it and forget it', with a temperature range of ±5° of the set temperature you can be sure that your Traeger grill is cooking to the same standard every time. This leaves you with more time to spend with loved ones and less watching the grill, or more opportunity to experiment with and expand your cooking. 

Traeger provide a range of flavourful wood pellets which suit every type of food. From cooking poultry, red meat, pizza and even baking on your grill, there'll be a pellet flavour for you.

One thing's for sure, once purchasing a pellet grill you will never look back!

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