Brining & Fermenting Bucket 22ltr


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Brining & Fermenting Bucket 22ltr

The bucket is an ideal size for brining chickens and turkeys. The internal lid is perfect for keeping the meat submerged in the brining liquid. 

The bucket is made from high quality durable polypropylene plastic mixed with 7-10% natural clay for optimal porosity. The bucket has very fine pores which allow minimal air flow. This keeps the food fresh while preventing aerobic bacteria from thriving.

The simple yet brilliant design of the inner vacuum lid allows easy adjustment of the lid position according to the level of food. So, regardless of the amount of food, the container induces an anaerobic environment in which the beneficial bacteria (lactic acid producing bacteria) thrive and the crunchy texture and vibrant colour are maximized. The carbon dioxide released by lactic acid producing bacteria is absorbed back into the kimchi juice, creating a more refreshing taste.

Care of the bucket

The bucketis easy to handle and clean. It fits well into your fridge or freezer. It is dishwasher safe and hot/cold resistant. You can use it in the microwave without the lids. It is free of BPA, DEHP and lead. All components are made with materials that are FDA approved. Avoid extreme shock or direct heat, e.g. from a stove. Use soft cloths when hand-washing for long lasting appearance. Always have the valve open when pressing down or removing the inner vacuum plate. Move the inner lid down slowly to prevent any splash up through the valve opening.