Gozney Balance Placement Peel 14"

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Next-level performance is effortless to handle with the Balance Placement Peel. Combining the lightweight aluminium blade with a comfortable Beech wood handle, this durable placement peel enables you to launch pizzas with greater ease and control. The blade is designed with a flat nose to increase stability and reduce rocking from side to side while sliding on or launching pizzas into the oven, so your pizza keeps its shape during transfer. The perforated metal lets excess flour fall through for delicious crust without the unwanted burnt taste. Designed to be ergonomic, the wood handle shifts the centre of gravity closer to the hand for more control. The soft touch of the wooden handle is timeless and classic in its feel. Create pizza with confidence with the perfect balance of performance and ease.

Key Features:

Large (14” pizza) 
Flat-nosed perforated aluminium blade
Replaceable handle
FSC sustainably sourced Beech wood handle
Durable Ocean Bound Plastic Certified Recycled plastic moulding
Metal hanging loop

Compatible with:
Accessory Type:
Placement Peel