NEW Riverside Herby Fish Rub Pot - 40g

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NEW Riverside Herby Fish Rub Pot - 40g

Add flavour to your favourite fishy dishes. Great in creamy fish pies, rubbed into fish steaks before grilling and for marinading king prawns or scallops.

Makes a dill-infused dip mixed with creme fraiche and a squeeze of lemon juice - lovely on the side of fish fingers or mackerel fillets!

PS try to make sure your fish is from sustainable sources and then you'll be cooking in a fish-friendly way too...

As with everything we make, we promise:

• Gluten-free
• 100% Pure Herbs & Spice
• No waste!

Ingredients: Coriander, Salt, Parsley, Dill, Sugar, Fennel, Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion, Lemon peel, Ginger


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Adam P

Having been inspired by one of the brilliant Riverside YouTube videos with Russell and Andrew Dickens ( I tried this herby fish rub on my barbecued vegetables (asparagus, green beans and new potatoes) along with a side of salmon. The meal was delicious and the combination of herbs really complemented all of the food really well. I tossed everything in a tiny amount of rapeseed oil as suggested and then sprinkled in about two teaspoons of the rub. The flavour was vibrant and incredible! As everything cooked on my barbecue the aroma filled the air and when served the fine herb flake coating added to the presentation of the dish. The standout herb was the dill which is always good with salmon, but it brought the potatoes and veg to life too. I would strongly recommend this rub and suggest to anyone who uses it that they think outside the box (or pot!) and don't restrict themselves to only using it on the suggested food type (i.e. fish). The rub is clearly versatile and can be used on a wide range of dishes. I look forward to trying and experimenting with many more of the Riverside range!

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