Oakridge BBQ 'Game Changer' All-Purpose Brine - 498g (17.6 oz)

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Oakridge BBQ 'Game Changer' All-Purpose Brine - 498g (17.6 oz)

Oakridge BBQ 'Game Changer' All-Purpose Brine - 498g (17.6 oz)

Tired of dry, flavourless chicken? Would you like your pork chops to be bursting with flavour and moisture from the inside out? Wild game just too gamey for you? Or are you like many who just can't seem to break into the Top 10 each weekend with your contest chicken? The 'Game Changer' is your answer.

Oakridge have taken their contest-proven top-secret brine recipe and re-formulated it into an easy to dissolve powder. Just mix with water or any non-acidic liquid. Specifically designed to enhance a wide array of meats from chicken & turkey to pork, wild game and even fish, adding a high degree of moisture and flavour INTO the meat, naturally.

In Oakridge's product testing phase, they secretly gave this new brine to a team of professional barbecue cooks and let them try it out on the contest circuit. Not only did they love it, this new brine has already accounted for over a half-dozen Top Three chicken calls and three Grand Championships!

Oakridge use only the highest grade 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients. Absolutely ZERO phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, fillers, anti-caking agents, artificial flavors or colours. Gluten and allergen free.

Ingredients: Sea salt, raw cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, onion, spices, chilies, blackstrap molasses, maltodextrin. No fillers, no MSG, no artificial colors, flavors or additives


Notes: 473g (1 lb) of brine mix will make 3.78 litres (1 gal) of finished brine at full strength or 7.56 litres (2 gal) at half-strength.

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