The Alfresco Chef - Ember Pizza Oven

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The Alfresco Chef - Ember Pizza Oven

This is the pizza oven that everyone with a small garden has been waiting for!  Fabulously fun and perfectly portable, the new Alfresco Chef Ember Table Top Pizza Oven brings the fun of cooking fresh pizza to even the smallest of spaces. 

Great for outdoor entertaining this pizza oven rapidly heats up, reaching temperatures of 400°c within 15 minutes, enabling you to cook crispy authentic (and delicious!) pizza in only 60 seconds. The oven's temperature can be easily controlled by closing / opening the oven door (an open-door provides quick browning and a superb crisp finish) while the handy pyrometer indicates the average temperature. Crafted to the highest standard, this oven is made of stainless steel with ceramic fibre insulation (for providing long lasting warmth and reducing wood consumption).

Easy to use, just fill the hopper with pieces of kiln dried wood or wood pellets and experience the fun and flavour of authentic wood-fired cooking.  Easy to move, just fold the legs, remove the chimney, put it in the carrying bag and transport your Ember pizza oven for days out, camping, festivals and parties. Buy one of these and we guarantee you'll be a very popular party guest! 

A 12-inch pizza peel is also included with this oven

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