Weber® Chimney Starter Set

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Weber® Chimney Starter Set.

Set contains:

  • 1 Weber® Rapidfire™ Chimney Starter.
  • 2kg of Weber Briquettes.
  • 6 Lighter Cubes.


All-in-one kit containing 6 firelighters, 2kg Weber Briquettes and Rapidfire™ Chimney Starter - the ultimate kit for a great barbecue. To use, simply place 2 lighter cubes on the charcoal grate of your barbecue, fill the chimney starter up with briquettes (2/3 for roasting or full for barbecuing). Light the lighter cubes and place the chimney starter with briquettes on top. Leave for 20 minutes or until the top briquettes have a covering of grey ash. Then tip out into barbecue. 

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112 Reviews

Aleksander P

the best thing to prepare the charcoal


What an unbelievable product this is....why have I never used 1 before??? If you only ever buy 1 piece of equipment for your BBQ make sure its this Chimney BBQ was ready to go with red hot coals in less than 15 minutes....this item should be on every 'dads' xmas list!!!

Adam W

Most efficient way of getting the coals ready I have come across, 15-20 mins and you are ready to bbq!


I bought this when I ordered a Weber barbecue as a gift. I have not used it myself, but the gift recipient reports that it makes lighting the barbecue very easy. Having opted for the set which included charcoal, it meant that he could get cooking straight away! Very pleased.

mark m

These are a must have, so easy to use, the best way that I have ever started my BBQ.

Bente M

So glad I purchased this makes life so much easier!

Gordon T

Excellent device for starting the bbq. Highly recommended.

Phil V

Worked perfectly with some scrunched up paper. Takes all the hassle out of starting off the charcoal with firelighters. Easy and clean.

Kevin D

Makes lighting the bqq a breeze.

Rafal W

Very helpful for bbq.


Has made lighting charcoal very easy and quick. Cooking within 20 mins.

Rafael G

Makes the whole process a doddle. Well worth the investment .


Brilliant accessory Starts the coals perfectly and safely. So much better than loose coals and those all in one bags. 15 - 20 min and your cooking. Works perfectly, looks good and I found the added bonus for me was price compared to those electric fire starters. Riverside are a fantastic company to deal with, the delivery is lightening fast ( from placing my order to receiving it was under 18 hrs). My only issue is how extensively vast their range of products are

Simon H

Excellent bit of kit. Highly recommended for getting your coals going quickly and reliably. Get some good gauntlets - caution is required when handling coals!

Gail Y

What a fantastic product! Absolutely brilliant way to get your bbq going. Would recommend this to anyone, makes life so much easier.


I got this starter set free with a 57cm kettle bbq. I wish I had got one sooner as it’s so easy to get the briquettes or lumpwood charcoal to the right cooking temperature in 15-20 minutes. This is a good quality product.

Simon D

Absolute must for getting those coals burning, works a treat

Sam m

Shaun S

I think this is an absolute must. It’s such aneasy and clean way to start your BBQ. Perfect results every time.

Beverley C

As a first time "barbequer" the Weber Chimney Starter Set was a brilliant free gift. Made lighting the Weber Compact Barbeque easy to light for us amateurs.


Very quick to get the charcoal ready to cook on.

Carole f

Safe and easy to use.


Faultless. BBQ ready coals in 15 minutes. No poking needed.

Nikhiladri M

Must for every BBQ set and makes your life easy.


Couldn't believe how much easier it made starting the BBQ! Good quality briquettes, too.

David G

Can't believe how easy it is to get the coals up to cooking heat within 15 minutes. That was always the drawback to our previous charcoal barbecue.

Ben B

The most easy experience I have ever had starting a BBQ.

Chris P

Great to get the BBQ coals started - very high quality item

Rachel R

Great added bonus to the order- helps get the coal started.

Alan A

Best item ever, for all charcoal bbq’s

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