Weber® Chimney Starter

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Weber® BBQ Chimney Starter

  • Suitable for the 47cm and 57cm BBQ's
  • Easy and Efficient Lighting.
  • Lights Fuel evenly in Approximately 15 minutes


The Weber® Rapidfire™ Chimney Starter has a cone shaped charcoal grate that exposes more briquet edges to the flame, which in turn speed up ignition.  Simply place the charcoal starter with coals over Weber® firelighters or crumpled newspaper and light.  In under 20 minutes your coals will be ready to cook over (without the need to use messy lighter fluid!) - then carefully pour the hot coals along the bottom of the barbecue or into Weber® Briquette Holders for easy fuel management.

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Brand Weber
Weight 1.645000
Product Warranty None
Power Lead Length N/A
BBQ Ranges BBQ Accessories

4.96 Average

168 Reviews

David P

Definitely a must, makes starting the BBQ fast and easy.


Super, makes starting bbq easy!

Alison T

Much bigger and sturdier than expected. Excellent!


We have always struggled to get our BBQ going but with the Weber Chimney Starter we no longer have this issue and the BBQ is roaring pithing 15 minutes. Absolutely delighted and would highly recommend. Will work with any type of BBQ.


Well, I was sceptical about how this would work but the charcoal was ready far quicker than normal providing a far better cooking experience and a higher heat that without. Highly recommended


This is the best thing I have ever bought for a bbq . An absolute must


This it brilliant starts every time!

david l

Great piece of equipment, made well and does the job perfectly.

Frances V

Changes your bbqing life!!


It’s bigger than I was expecting but just fits in the bbq for storage. Looking forward to making lighting a breeze with no firefighters, just newspaper


Great, glad I purchased this


This was a replacement for a cheaper and ineffective previously purchased starter. The weber starter looks and feels like a superior product, is is made out of much thicker metal and I am sure it will outlast the cheaper starter it has replaced.

Mr Christopher W

The chimney starter is excellent for starting to get charcoals alight and burning before placing the heated charcoals on the new Barbecue from Weber. A really good purchase and on every occasion used since we purchased it it has worked superbly.


Makes the process of lighting a BBQ so much easier, and with the two handles, you can direct the charcoal exactly where you want it. You'll never look back!


A must have item


Just wish I had purchased one of these years ago.


Wow! What a revelation! I used this Weber Chimney Starter for the first time and was amazed by its’ performance. Three sheets of newspaper and a match had the charcoal briquettes ready in under 20 minutes. Brilliant!

Carl O

Brilliant product. Simple and quick with perfect and consistent results each time. Makes lighting your Weber reliable. Perfect. Riverside despatch and delivery was spot on and fast. Great all round experience. Thank you Riverside!

Oli B

Nothing better for getting those briquettes on the go. A must have for all charcoal BBQ lovers. :)

Adam C

Really good quality and works perfectly. I’m sure it will last years too like all Weber products do

Haytham A

A must have with any charcoal grill.

Louise T

After many years using a gas bbq, I made the decision to go back to charcoal. Struggled with this starter initially, tried to start with paper which failed miserably and resorted to firelighters, which worked immediately.. and the coals were hot enough to cook on in 15 minutes.. how things have moved on! Will be buying one for my partner so he’s no longer wasting his money on instant lighting bags!


An excellent accessory to any bbq, it provides an extremely quick and effective way to get your coals to perfect cooking temperature in no time at all,


Never used one before but seems to get charcoal going very well.


Great product


Fully recommend getting one of these, made lighting the coals evenly very easy and hassle free. DO make sure you get some bbq gloves for handling it!

Leandro R

This is the most amazing product you can purchase if you don't have a big BBQ grill but you don't want to use the fast light charcoal. I bought this starter together with a bag of Weber Briquettes and the results are so much better compared to the charcoal you can buy on Tesco or any other fast light charcoal. This is because you don't have to add all the charcoal at once on the BBQ grill, so this allows you to cook bigger pieces of meat or vegetables at a lower fire; besides, fast light charcoal has a lot more chemicals than the normal ones, so your food won't get the taste of any chemicals. And the best part: it doesn't take long to get it started. This is a big chimney, though, so if you have a small grill, I'd recommend you going for the smaller version.


Wow ... an eye opener and a life saver for anyone struggling to get charcoal burning quickly and without any fuss !


Happy with the purchase. Very effective in getting charcoal started.


Great product every Weber charcoal bbq owner should have one

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