Weber® Chimney Starter

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Weber® BBQ Chimney Starter

  • Suitable for the 47cm and 57cm BBQ's
  • Easy and Efficient Lighting.
  • Lights Fuel evenly in Approximately 15 minutes


The Weber® Rapidfire™ Chimney Starter has a cone shaped charcoal grate that exposes more briquet edges to the flame, which in turn speed up ignition.  Simply place the charcoal starter with coals over Weber® firelighters or crumpled newspaper and light.  In under 20 minutes your coals will be ready to cook over (without the need to use messy lighter fluid!) - then carefully pour the hot coals along the bottom of the barbecue or into Weber® Briquette Holders for easy fuel management.

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4.95 Average

129 Reviews


Michael M

Amazing, can’t grill without it.

Roger C

Again takes getting used to it

Catherine M

Fantastic piece of kit! Really speeds things up and is SO easy to use.

Bruce A

Well built and sturdy and can hold a large number of briquettes.

Elena Z

Servers its purpose

Paul W

A great product very reasonably priced. A very efficient and effective way of getting charcoal going for the BBQ. Should have bought one years ago.

Jason M

Very efficient starter, my advise is use only Webber briquettes and lighters. Far superior than cheaper brands

Philip R

This is a MUST HAVE. When I got my first one for the original Smokey Joe, it changed my view of charcoal BBQ'ing and totally converted me from gas. Easy to light up the charcoal 1st time every time. And the insulated handle means you dont need gloves to tip out those glowing briquettes


Very useful item, takes the long wait out of charcoal barbecuing

Andrew Y

Great bit of kit takes minutes to get the charcoal white

Philip S

Great product, makes starting the BBQ a lot easier.

Dan M

Sam M

It really works - fast track way to get BBQing! Love it!


Brilliant product. We've used it twice now, with a couple of Weber firelighters underneath. The coals were ready to cook in 15 minutes, with no babysitting required. Wish we'd bought one years ago.

Leigh C

Such an easy, quick & efficient tool

James P

Just makes starting the bbq 100x quicker and easier.

John W

This thing makes life easier, so simple to use and clean too.


Excellent quality, size and value but I wouldn't expect anything's Weber!! Second to none

Joe G

Years of hacking around with tongs and blowing coals has finally come to an end. 2 fire lighters + 20 mins = perfect coals ready for barbecuing.

Andrew R

Worth getting this large version, especially for bigger cooks etc. Very happy with it

Simon D

not used it yet but looks the business and comes highly recommended

Andrew S

Get one of these!! And get proper briquettes, they are actually more cost effective


an essential product for happy BBQing! the previous one lasted for about 15 years -excellent quality

Halyna K

Very pleased with my order. Fast shipping. Thank you

Harry F

Great product to get BBQs up and running

Jeremy K

Barbecue started easily despite the strong winds!

Mark D

Was a little sceptical about buying this to be honest, didn’t really know they existed, but how have I lived without one all these years?!! Such an easy and efficient way to light your BBQ, and the Weber briquettes light very easily just using newspaper, so you save on firefighters. All coals/briquettes etc are white and glowing within 20 minutes. No mess, no waste, or going blue in the face blowing at a struggling BBQ!

Clive J

Good product and good value for money

James S

I brought this after a recommendation from a friend and I can’t believe I haven’t purchased one before, they make lighting a BBQ so easy, just place a couple of lighter blocks in the bottom, fill it with briquettes, light it, then wait and in approximately 20 mins you will have the perfect cooking temperature. The only downside is that when you first light it up you do get a fair amount of smoke. I would definitely recommend this product.

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