Weber® Expansion Rack (Suitable For ETCS And Genesis® II )

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Weber® Expansion Rack (Suitable For ETCS And Genesis® II LX)

This handy little rack is the very versatile piece of kit from Weber, made especially for the ECTS cooking system and the Weber® Genesis® II LX barbecues. The rack has to hooks at the back of it which allows it to hook onto the elevated tiered cooking system, be it on its own or built into the Genesis® II LX waring rack. This expansion rack is multi-purpose and can either be used as a warming rack or a chicken drumstick holder where the 'head' of the drumstick will rest on the top of the rack with the bone going through. Measuring 27cm x 24.5cm the rack can hold approximately 25 drumsticks, making it the ideal kit for the person who likes to cook a lot of food on the barbecue at the same time. The rack is made from Stainless Steel and is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is not a worry, what to cook on it might be! 

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Elevations® Tiered Cooking System (ETCS)
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2 Years