Weber® iGrill 2

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Weber® iGrill 2

  • Probes moniter the internal temperature of the meat
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of your food from the iGrill app
  • Get alerts when food is cooked thoroughly

Weber® iGrill 2

Connect this versatile thermometer to the free Weber® iGrill app via Bluetooth and measure both core and ambient temperature. Use the pre-settings or make your own – it’s all up to you. Comes with two probes but has the capacity to hold four.

Product Feautures

• Two temperature probes (can be upgraded to up to four sensors)

• Bluetooth connection to a smart device so you can monitor temperature of food from your phone

• Magnetic - for easy attachment to the barbecue (Warning: Do not attatch to any hot surface of the barbecue)

• Illuminated display

• 45 meters line of sight Bluetooth® connection

• Up to 200 hours of battery capacity

More Information
Brand Weber
Weight 1.000000
Product Warranty 2 Years
BBQ Ranges BBQ Accessories

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Great price and really useful product... Saves continually checking with a thermometer!


Toby W

I ordered the Weber IGrill 2 as a way to wirelessly monitor cooking on my BBQ. Supplied in the box was the main unit, batteries, an instruction manual/quick start guide and two food probes. Build quality was usual high quality from Weber and was easy to setup and sync with a free app download to my phone. (IOS and Android supported). The unit works via bluetooth and the app is clear and straight forward to monitor temperature remotely and includes a timer useful when cooking for longer periods. The app allows you to select food being prepared and automatically selects target temp and time for cooking through. I have found it to be accurate and provides notifications on phone when ready. As I have a range of Weber grills, I liked the fact the unit would work across bbq solutions rather than a mounted model (like Igrill 3). It is also magnetic so is useful to stand on bbq or dedicated tray that some Weber BBQ's have now. I would say this is a must for any BBQ fan.


Weber i grill two does exactly what it says on the tin used it for smoking two turkey drumsticks was really impressed with it couldn't get better equipment

Rob P

The accuracy and speed of temperature reading is brilliant, and being able to connect up to 4 probes is really useful. So far I've used an air temp probe to know exactly what temp my smoker is at and one of the meat probes to also watch the temp of the brisket to make sure it was perfectly done; the app was brilliant as I could input a temp range with alarm so if it started to get too hot or cold I could react quickly, and being able to see the temp.of the brisket enabled me to know when it had stalled so I could wrap it in foil to get it to the end. The only thing that let's it down is the Bluetooth range (which I knew about already), were it not for that it would get 5* easily!



This item is absolutely brilliant it can be left in the food whilst on the BBQ or in the oven. The reading is extremely clear and very responsive with no time lag As important is the fact that the reading is accurate and food is cooked to perfection

Mr Mr

It’s a good looking piece of kit if actually - a bit large. Works well with the app but the probes and the wires get very hot! It would be ok if you could leave them but I was turning the steaks and they get in a tangle. Also you have to remove them before removing the meat. Maybe they aren’t for steaks?


I have used it a few times, the blue tooth works perfect but the mail device turns off and on I don’t no if this is normal or damaged.


I can't rate this thermometer highly enough. Just from the packaging and the box you can tell this is a high quality product. Open the box and you'll find a very well made, durable and aesthetically pleasing unit - you can tell just from the materials this thing will last. We've also just bought the Weber MasterTouch Premium BBQ which has a special mount for the Weber iGrill - the mount is magnetic and it's very satisfying to place the thermometer down and feel it 'pull' - once it's seated it feels safe and secure. The iGrill 2 includes two probes - I use one for the meat temp and one for the ambient temp of the kettle. Again, the probes feel of good quality - the wires are made from heat resistent metal thread which has so far held up brilliantly against the heat from several long (8 hours+) smoking sessions. The probes themselves have a sillicon attachment which is nice for handling the probe (i.e. to insert in to the meat). The biggest plus point for the iGrill 2 though, for me, has to be how simple it is to pair the device up to the Weber iGrill mobile app and how well the connection holds up, even at a fair distance. I simply downloaded the app, turned the iGrill on, clicked 'Pair device', and it instantly connected. The temperature readings and updates seem realtime - when the device notices a degree increment, the mobile app receives it within a second or less. I'm also able to sit in my office upstairs in the house and still get reliable readings from the BBQ in the garden - a great help when I have a smoke on the go whilst working from home. The user interface in the app is really nice - everything is laid out in a clear and logical manner - and I'm especially fond, at least on Android devices, of how the app integrates with the system notification bar. I can pull down the notifications area and I get coloured circle indicators of each probe and the current temperature reading - this is super useful for when I just want to see how the smoke is progressing. Again, from Riverside, the order process was painless and the item arrived in perfect condition and within a very respectable timeframe (I think it was 2 days from ordering with their standard DPD service). If you're looking for a reliable, well made wireless thermometer which has a stable connection with an accompanying mobile app - look no further.

Mrs A G

Great tool used three time so far and it does what it says on the box, food cooked to perfection every time


Great Bluetooth thermometer. Easy to pair with phone and solid range

Chris G

I am a highly experienced BBQer and don't know how I have survived in life without one of these to date! Perfect meat every time, and the App is fantastic on iPhone.


Very handy item, also shows how inaccurate the inbuilt thermometer gauge is on my ProQ smoker. Have added the ambient temperature probe so can monitor both 2 lots of meat and temperature inside the cover at level where meats are smoking. App works well but wish distance for communication was better as drops out when I go inside the house, so have to leave phone outside to keep monitoring otherwise fully recommend this product.

Frank C

Great thermometer easy to use and great value for money.

Andrew H

So easy to use and makes BBQ'n easier to. No more wasting money on expensive meet and having it over or under cooked. Now all my food is perfect everytime. Fast delivery too.


Excellent product.

Mick E

I now have the set of Weber iGrill! Mini, 2 and 3! They are really great gadgets, a must have and not just for the bbq. Couldn't resist the latest addition from the Black Friday deals at less than £40!

Luke S

Amazing product as you would expect, bougth to replace an old meat thermometer which was very slow read the temp, had no bluetooth with all the amazing features of the app, and the lead was too thick to use with a BBQ lid or oven door, so heat was exacaping, never used any others but would recommened this.

Ian G

igrill it an absolute must for cooking perfect food every time. Great product great delivery as always.


Really brilliant device helping produce a perfect result


David J

Eileen J


Very easy to set up and allowed better control of cooking

Neil M

Love the Weber iGrill 2 - it’s great to know the temp in the grill (I have the ambient probe also) as well as the temp of the food I’m cooking so I don’t have to lift the lid on my Weber kettle. The one negative is the range of the Bluetooth - it does seem quite poor and won’t go through a wall.

Rees s


Expensive but worth every penny.

Ian M

Just finished my first prime rib roast on my BBQ. Cooked to absolute perfection. Highly recommended for the winter time so you dont have to be constantly going outside to check the temp of the meat and losing valuable heat

Joanne L

My husband always wanted this item as he is a big Weber fan . Great items

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