Weber® iGrill 2

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Weber® iGrill 2

  • Probes moniter the internal temperature of the meat
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of your food from the iGrill app
  • Get alerts when food is cooked thoroughly

Weber® iGrill 2

Connect this versatile thermometer to the free Weber® iGrill app via Bluetooth and measure both core and ambient temperature. Use the pre-settings or make your own – it’s all up to you. Comes with two probes but has the capacity to hold four.

Product Feautures

• Two temperature probes (can be upgraded to up to four sensors)

• Bluetooth connection to a smart device so you can monitor temperature of food from your phone

• Magnetic - for easy attachment to the barbecue (Warning: Do not attatch to any hot surface of the barbecue)

• Illuminated display

• 45 meters line of sight Bluetooth® connection

• Up to 200 hours of battery capacity

More Information
Weight 1.000000
Product Warranty 2 Years

4.58 Average

26 Reviews

Frank C

Great thermometer easy to use and great value for money.

Andrew H

So easy to use and makes BBQ'n easier to. No more wasting money on expensive meet and having it over or under cooked. Now all my food is perfect everytime. Fast delivery too.


Excellent product.

Mick E

I now have the set of Weber iGrill! Mini, 2 and 3! They are really great gadgets, a must have and not just for the bbq. Couldn't resist the latest addition from the Black Friday deals at less than £40!

Luke S

Amazing product as you would expect, bougth to replace an old meat thermometer which was very slow read the temp, had no bluetooth with all the amazing features of the app, and the lead was too thick to use with a BBQ lid or oven door, so heat was exacaping, never used any others but would recommened this.

Ian G

igrill it an absolute must for cooking perfect food every time. Great product great delivery as always.


Really brilliant device helping produce a perfect result


David J

Eileen J


Very easy to set up and allowed better control of cooking

Neil M

Love the Weber iGrill 2 - it’s great to know the temp in the grill (I have the ambient probe also) as well as the temp of the food I’m cooking so I don’t have to lift the lid on my Weber kettle. The one negative is the range of the Bluetooth - it does seem quite poor and won’t go through a wall.

Rees s


Expensive but worth every penny.

Ian M

Just finished my first prime rib roast on my BBQ. Cooked to absolute perfection. Highly recommended for the winter time so you dont have to be constantly going outside to check the temp of the meat and losing valuable heat

Joanne L

My husband always wanted this item as he is a big Weber fan . Great items

Douglas J

I love the idea of being able to monitor temps from inside. I wanted to be able to keep using my weber when it was raining. The range just isn’t good enough though about 7 or 8m is as far away as it works. I like the app and it would be great for me if it worked further away. Would be better if it connected to Wi-fi. I still like it though. Just want you to be aware. Cheers

Paul B

This product is great if you are into smoking meat on the Smokey Mountain (or other smokers). It is simple to set up and use, also giving you real confidence in the temperature of your food (and the real temperature of the smoker if using an ambient probe). The only thing that lets it down is the range of the Bluetooth, this though is a minor issue as the remote probe still allows you monitor the temperatures without lifting the lid or relying on the gauge on the smoker. Having bought one I have to say it has revolutionised the cooking process for me. I also use it in the house when roasting meats in the oven as it gives accurate temperatures, ideal for rare roast beef! The price tag made it a considered purchase, however I have no regrets and will definitely buy another if this ever stops working.

Gavin C

Fantastic product! Very accurate and useful on its own and awesome.e when used with the Weber iGrill app.


Delivery spot on


Brilliant device working with the Weber app I told it what meat I was cooking and it gave me info to my phone and watch. The food was cooked perfectly.


This is really useful gadget, makes cooking big roasts really easy. Found the Bluetooth connection not great though and would drop out if you went too far from grill.


It was the first time i have had the confidence to cook a joint of meat on the barbecue and it was a great success.

David B

Purchased the iGrill2 on Friday to use at the weekend, connected to Bluetooth without problems and was easy to set up, sadly the instructions are obviously written for a different version of the software, but a bit of experimenting found how to set it up, a second minor problem for me was as it was supplied with two meat probs and no ambient probe as supplied? therefore I had to fashion a probe holder out of aluminium foil to hold the probe off the grill so I could keep an eye on the grills temperature, I have a 3 burner BBQ and had it set up for indirect cooking with the centre burner off, so the grill temperature at the indirect cooking area was about 48°C degrees different to the thermometer reading in the lid, that of course is to be expected and agreed with my old grill grate thermometer. The iGrill was everything I had hoped for in making my BBQ (it was my birthday and a family get together) easy and I was able to socialise with my guests without have to dash off outside to check the grill temperature and of course the internal meat temperature. I would buy again, it seems well made and even has a stacking probe store that you wind the cable round to keep it all tidy, but if like me you want the ability to remotely monitor the actual grills temperature, particularly in wet and windy conditions, then the ambient probe should definitely be on your shopping list as well, I have now purchased the ambient probe, one last niggle all the spare probe seem to come with same red sleeve? as one of the meat probes originally supplied with the iGrill itself, OK they do supply spare different coloured sleeves, but surely it should be obvious to Weber than anyone buying an extra probe (the iGrill can have four connected at once) will already have a RED coded probe so their first job will to be to change the colour identifier on one of the probes! the sleeve was so tight I was afraid I was going to damage the probe trying to get the old sleeve off to fit a new one, so I cut the sleeve off as the safest option. Sort the niggles Weber and you have a great bit of kit in the iGrill.

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