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Weber® Kettle BBQ Rotisserie

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Product-Code: 7495

Regular Price: £169.99

Special Price £152.99

You Save: £17.00 (10%)

Availability: In stock

Key Features:

  • For 57cm Weber® Kettle Barbecues
  • Perfect For Roasting Entire Poultry And Cuts Of Meat
  • Diameter 57cm (84cm Including Rotisserie Spike)
  • 80cm Power Lead (Approximately)



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4.85 Average

46 Reviews

Rodney K

Very fast delivery from Riverside with my Charcoal Rotisserie , since Christmas day turkey I have used the rotisserie twice this January both with excellent results even better than beer can chicken & chicken on the Weber Smokey Mountain, the self-basting effect of the rotisserie does something magical and cannot wait to try other meats. Sell the kids, put the wife on the street, just get one of these Weber Rotisseries !!!!!!

David M

Typical weber quality although the ring does wobble a little on the drum so you have to be a bit careful when installing/removing the meat. Works perfectly fine with a 7kg turkey which is more than I can say about a patented version I bought whereby the motor after a short while struggled to turn 360 degrees and just went from side to side. The weber didn't have such a problem and does exactly what you wish of it. Lesson learned by me. Get the proper equipment 1st time out. It'll save you in the long run. Bottom line.... Expensive but the proper bit of kit and shouldn't let you down.

Dean P

Cooked a 5kg Bronze Turkey on Weber mastertouch with new rotisserie. Never tasted such a moist and tasty Turkey. If only we could get the UK into understanding you can cook outside and eat inside great tasting bbq food when the sun had got its hat on!


Item as described. Worked like a dream.

Richard H

Quality Weber accessory

Heather F

Excellent. Simple to assemble and works perfectly. Stayed amazingly clean and is likely to be used weekly for the forseeable future. The meat was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Can’t wait to do a pork joint in it!

William D

As allways a first class product from a first class company.Riverside service A1 as usual.

David G

Rotisserie very quiet and works well

Claire V

Excellent product, works silently and efficiently.

Mrs C V

Brilliant! We have done huge leg of pork and a small chicken so far. Thrilled to bits with it!

Jeannette L

Cooked a whole chicken on this & it was great really moist meat & cooked quicker than in the oven.

Margaret Q

Been stalling on getting one for over a year. Don't know why i waited. Very sturdy, has a quiet motor. Results are amazing. Used if for beef joint, pork sirloin and chicken. Each one has been cooked too perfection, with potatoes cooked beneath basted in the meat juices. It seems expensive, but for the quality and results, it's great value


Only used for a couple of weeks, so far so good.

robert l

The rotisserie is a great addition to the Weber. So far cooked a large chicken and beef rump joint, both of which turned out really well. Cooking time is the tricky bit as at first the chicken was not fully cooked after an hour and a half but gave it an extra 1/2 hour and it was perfect


So I hardly every right reviews and only do when something is exceedingly good or bad and this was more than exceedingly good. As others I put off buying this due to the cost but boy was it actually worth it. Bit of a back story, my family have owned a kebab shop for the last 12 years and after finally retiring we could not find burgers, kebabs to our taste so we bought the mastertouch, which was great but then we started missing the chicken doner/shawarma, everywhere we went the quality was just subpar. And then I found this rotisserie attachment for the bbq and decided to give it a go even though we weren't sure if it would work as this places the kebab horizontally rather than vertically like in the shops. Well let me tell you it's even better. The meat was so good that it practically melted in your mouth. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Seriously folks it was that good, and so much cheaper than the crap in the shops I've been buying. If you're on the fence due to the cost, buy it.

Neil C

As per other reviewers I ummed and arrhhed about purchasing the Weber rotisserie due to the high price but eventually bought it and as with my other Weber purchases I'm glad I did. Quality is second to none. It fits perfect and the motor turns round so effortlessly and quietly It just oozes quality. Hopefully it'll last me a lifetime.

Mark W

Cooked a full chicken and it was perfect. Recommend everyone to get one.

Vikki C

Amazing for cooking food perfectly. So glad we bought it, has the same high quality Weber build as everything else.

Rob K

Great bit of kit and perfect results. Paying a slight premium for the Weber name, of course.

terence b

after waiting over 12 months to buy the weber rotisserie mainly due to the cost .I finely got one should have got it 12 months ago the quality of the rotisserie is 100% can not fault it did two chickens on it Saturday after we got it set it running put cherry wood chips on the coals put the lid on let it run with the temp around 190 for one and a half hours then had the best chicken we have ever had . Did roast beef on it Sunday that was very good .If you only buy one extra for you weber get a weber rotisserie you wont regret it



Mark S

If you only Buy one bit of kit for your Weber make it the rotisserie it's worth every penny.I held off getting one but gave in after talking to the staff at riverside.why oh why didn't I get one sooner?what a fantastic easy to use bit of kit it is .thanks Riverside for all your good advice and excellent service

Simon E

Arrived quickly, works well


Never thought I'd buy the rotisserie accessory for my Weber Charcoal but the Riverside off was a deal breaker. So was it worth it? You bet your life it was! Only done one chicken on it so far but have to say it was the "Dogs Knadgers" of chicken - Perfect Get one - you'd be daft not to! One teeny weeny critics - its electric so carries a shock risk if used in wet environment! Wish someone could invent a battery or solar powered version

Damon L

This was on special offer and delivered very fast, so great opportunity to buy the rotisserie I’ve wanted for ages but couldn’t justify at the standard price. It works really well, matches the kettle well, and just works, but 2 slight niggles for me: 1. the black extension ring does obviously isn’t quite perfectly round, as it just won’t seat well on the base of the kettle. There are gaps around it and no matter how you turn it round t always is a bit of a struggle to get it in properly. 2. The end of the rotisserie spit doesn’t have any kind of handle - you just have the end of the metal spike with a stuck on thin white plastic cover about 30mm long. I expected some form of handle to help you carry it to/from the BBQ, but it appears that its not supplied with one any more. Given the price thats not great so I’m going to have to make something. Still a great rotisserie that works well and really adds to the Weber kettle versatility.

paul m

Excellent service

Lucia C

Well made and functional. Very pleased with my roast duck. Excellent service from Riverside.

Katie F

Husband loves it, well worth the money

Alan S

Excellent addition to my BBQ ammunition. Expensive outlay, but well made, you only get what you are willing to pay for! Used twice so far, 1 whole chicken and a pork loin joint, both have turned out superb. The motor has a short lead so I did have to use an extension lead, Excellent service from Riverside as ever

Michael T

Really pleased with my purchase from you We have used the BBQ twice already with great results! Many thanks