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Weber® Performer® Deluxe Gourmet GBS®

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Product-Code: 15501998

Regular Price: £549.00

Special Price £449.00

You Save: £100.00 (18%)

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Regular Price: £549.00

Special Price £449.00

You Save: £100.00 (18%)

.Key Features:

  • Porcelain-Enamelled Bowl and Lid
  • Lid Mounted Thermometer
  • Tuck-Away Lid Holder
  • Stainless Steel Hinged GBS Cooking Grate
  • Integrated Cart With Metal Work Surface
  • Gas Ignition
  • Removable LCD Cook Timer
  • Integrated Tool Holders
  • Stainless Steel One-Touch Cleaning System
  • Rust-Proof Removable Ash Catcher
  • Weatherproof Bin
  • GBS® Sear Grate Included
  • Briquette Holders Included
  • Charcoal Measuring Cup Included
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Serves 4 - 6 People



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Product Description Additional Information

Warranty Info


Bowl and Lid - 10 years
Metal painted work table - 5 years
Handle - 5 years
Stainless steel One-Touch® cleaning system - 5 years
Charcoal grate and stainless steel cooking grate - 2 years
All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) - 2 years

4.84 Average

19 Reviews


It has already been used several times to cook a variety of food from a whole chicken to aubergines to steak, and it only arrived on 4th January! It does not disappoint with whatever we have cooked so far. Hubby is very, very pleased with it. The build quality is excellent. Weber seemed to have nailed it. He assembled it all on his own which took about 3 hours.

Joanne G

Can't comment on product right now but I know it will be good as a lot of people I know have this model, that's why I bought it.

Sam m

Highly recommend this bbq, I’ve had many charcoal bbq’s but they’re no where near as good and the quality like this one.


First use was to cook a whole chicken which came out beautifully moist, tender and with a great smoky flavour. Seems to keep its heat really well. Can't wait to cook more on it.

Rebecca C

Spacious enough for decent size bbqs! The free chimney lighter is great as heats the coals in 15 minutes with no hassle! This is the best bbq we have had and was money well spent!

James D

A truely quality product, which has delivered an amazing family BBQ experience


Only used once but pleased with the Weber so far!

Jon M

Fantastic BBQ - easy to assemble, easy to use and food cooked on it tastes great. The table area is a good size and is really useful for keeping food, marinades etc close by when cooking. I also like the bin for easy storage of briquettes/charcoal as it keeps everything you need in one place. The gas lighter is a massive help - it means igniting the coals is incredibly simple and you really can be ready to cook within 20 to 30 minutes. I would defintiely reccommend this to any barbecue - the only downside is once purchased you will no doubt want all the GBS accessories which dont come cheap!!

Benta I

best bbq in the world ! fast shipping! thanks!

Keith K

Great BBQ easy to assemble. Going to play with it tonight. The only down side in my opinion is that it didn't come with a gas bottle. As one of the main features I would have expected one with the BBQ hence only four stars. Well its now October and a nice touch was the free cover so blowing a gale and raining the BBQ will be getting a good bit of use before the summer. Remember folks a BBQ is just not for summer its for all the year round. The cast iron grate that is included is a great bit of kit nice and heavy should hold the heat for a long time. To improve on the Performer I would ask Weber to try and get an I Grill or the like to fit in the place of the timer that comes with the grill. I would rather know the temp of the food rather than how long its been in. As I said GREAT bit of kit bit bigger than it looks in the photos, now sitting along side me Traeger. Decisions, decisions........

Paul H

I had a previous Weber Barbeque and this latest model is a leap forward in not only build quality but the labour saving gas ignition works perfectly. I used a Weber chimney on my older model. I look forward to another 12 years of happy barbequing.

Lynzi W

Well worths the money, that's the best comment that I could make.

John J

Having used it now for a couple of weeks I can honestly say this is an amazing barbecue to use, I'm now totally hooked on Weber and will definitely be buying some of the accessories for it.


Very good quality, good for grilling smoking and slow cooking would recommend this product

Karl E


One of the best purchases iv ever bought, and iv bought a lot of things in my life! Had BBQ's 7 nights in one week as its the most convenient charcoal BBQ around. I dont like gas BBQ's as you dont get the same flavour, Look no further for the easiest charcoal BBQ on the market

hugues r

One of the best barbecue out there without a doubt

Margaret N

Having tried out this product, I can recommend it. My husband now cooks the food perfectly. It is a bit on the expensive side though.

Philip S

I did lots of research before buying this BBQ and could find no match for it. Its more than three times than I have paid for a BBQ before so had high expectations. I was attracted by the gas start feature and that built in surface for preparing the meats. It arrived very quickly from Riverside Garden Centre and the accessories I ordered had been put inside the main BBQ box. I decided to buy a Weber propane/butane canister and a BBQ glove, but most importantly I bought the specific cover to protect my purchase from the elements outside. I set aside a couple of hours to assemble the BBQ and it took me around 1hr 40mins to build on my own. You will need some basic tools to put it together, a Philips screwdriver, a hammer, some pipe grips and a block of wood. The assembly is straightforward and the components are made to a high quality which meant no messing around. By the time I had done the main frame, my wife had already commented that it looked to be sturdier than any BBQ I had owned before. Once complete the BBQ really did look the part on my patio, and I was looking forward to getting to use it. I managed to fire her up last night and have to say it is by far the easiest charcoal BBQ I have ever seen and must rival the gas equivalent for time to cook and ease of clean up afterwards. I went from cold to ready to cook in 20 minutes. The kettle design by Weber makes controlling the cook very straightforward the food had all the nice grill marks with no excessive burning whatsoever. All the food was properly cooked yet retained its moisture and tasted great. Once cooking was complete, the vents are closed and due to the lack of oxygen the charcoal soon cools down and it was ready for the cover to go back on around 45 minutes later. The unused charcoal can be lit next time and used as a starter fuel so it doesn't get wasted, and any ash is collected in the built in ash cannister underneath, ready to empty when it gets full. I'm not sure charcoal cooking could get any easier, and the service from Riverside was fast and exact.