Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker™ 47cm (With Free Cover)

Due in beginning of July

Key Features:

  • Porcelain-Enamelled Lid and Bowl
  • 2 Chrome Triple-Plated Cooking Grate
  • Glass-Reinforced Nylon Handles
  • Silicone Cap On Centre Ring For Easy Access For Thermometer Probes
  • Internal Heat Deflector
  • Free Cover Included
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker™ 47cm (With Free Cover) (721004)

The distinctive bullet-shaped Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker™ 47cm is perfectly designed so that smoke can circulate and infuse food as it cooks to achieve the desired smokey barbecue flavour.

Available in 37cm, 47cm or 57cm means that there is a Smokey Mountain Cooker™ suitable for any family size or group of friends alike.

Inside the Weber® Smokey Mountain™ 47cm, behind the large removable aluminium door are two triple-plated cooking grates (which offer a very generous 3103cm² cooking area) and a water pan used for creating steam which circulates during cooking to keep food moist and juicy.

As with the Weber® charcoal kettles, the bowl and lid of the Smokey Mountain 47cm are fully porcelain-enamelled to ensure protection against fire, rust and the elements and are all made to last which is why Weber® confidently offer a 10-year warranty on them.

Besides a glass-reinforced nylon handle at the top, the Weber® Smokey Mountain 47cm lid also contains an integrated thermometer to monitor the temperature of the unit during cooking. In addition, set into the main body is a silicone cap into which thermometer probes (sold separately) can be inserted to measure the internal temperature of the food itself. Also, for further control of temperature a rotatable no-rust aluminium vent is fixed towards the bottom.

Three no-rust aluminium legs support all the Smokey Mountain Cookers and a heat deflector is positioned between them to offer some protection to the surface beneath.

The popular Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm is suitable for anyone looking to expand their cooking repertoire and compliments traditional kettle barbecuing rather than replacing it.

Regardless of which Smokey Mountain Cooker you do choose, the secret of getting succulent meat always remains the same; keep the temperature low and cook for longer.

Besides being an excellent poultry roaster, Weber® also suggest that if you are cooking a joint then the cheaper cuts of meat like brisket and pork shoulder are better to achieve deliciously soft and tender results.

When it comes to using the Weber® Smokey Mountain Cooker 47cm things couldn't be easier; simply add water, spread flavoured wood chips and chunks as desired, bring the charcoal up to temperature, pop in the food and let the cooker cook!

To enhance the flavour of your food Weber® offers a broad range of wood chips and chunks to add distinctive flavours to the smoke. In general, use chunks for larger and chips for smaller cuts of meat. To see the full range, click here.

Included with all Smokey Mountain Cookers is a premium cover to protect against the elements and keep rainwater from collecting in the lid groove when not in use.

Remember, to get the best out of your Smokey Mountain Cooker, ‘low and slow is the way to go!’

Warranty Info

10 Year Limited Warranty

Bowl and lid – 10 years
Handle – 5 years
Charcoal grate and cooking grate – 2 years
All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) – 2 years

More Information
Brand Weber
Length 53.000000
Width 48.000000
Height 104.000000
Box Dimensions (cm) H:80cm x W:54cm x D:54cm
Weight 22.000000
Product Warranty 10 Years
Colour Black
BBQ Type Charcoal
Cooking Area cm2 3103
Removeable Ash Catcher No
One-Touch Cleaning System No
Includes Briquette Holders No
Charcoal Dividers No
Type of Cooking Grate Triple-Plated
Charcoal Hinge Grate No
Lid Lock No
Tuck-Away Lid Holder No
Built in Thermometer Yes
Tool Holder No
BBQ Ranges Smokey Mountain

4.94 Average

53 Reviews


Excellent product in terms of quality of build. Will look forward to cooking on it shortly


A really impressive bit of kit, assembly instructions really clild be better but once constructed it really solid. Only used twice and so far really impressed.


Immense- nothing further required...

Andrew M


Excellent smoker, easy and fun to use. The 47cm version is big enough to handle big cooks but not over-whelming or heavy on the fuel!


Used the very next day both chicken and beef were cooked to perfection, easy to use..... Love it


It’s Weber so it’s very well made. Easy to assemble - just make sure you get the nylon washers in the right place. First use of it was easy to do - plenty of material on the web to help with set up and recipes. Brisket, ribs, chicken wings and veg all fit in one go - 47cm big enough for a hungry family get together and provided left overs. Expecting great things from this smoker and being Weber I know it will last. Worth the investment I think.

Michael H

Exactly how the item is explained. Perfect condition

Peter P

Great piece of kit, any enthusiast of meat/poultry curing must have one! Build quality is superb, easy to assemble too.

Rob P

What a brilliant smiker - really easy to setup and use, controls temperature really well and produces delicious smoked meat!


I ordered the 18.5 inch WSM and have zero regrets. I cannot wait to use every weekend in the summer. Delivery was spot on. Zero complaints. Many thanks!


phil a

By far the easiest smoker on the market to use, I can just fuel it up and it will maintain a steady 120 for about 4 hours!!


Works really well and definitely worth the money. So much easier to use than other smokers.

Helen S

This is a fantastic smoker. This is the middle size which is an ideal size for smoking large cuts of meat, a whole turkey etc. The smaller size is quite a lot smaller and the larger size is huge. This model of smoker is really popular in the USA which was one of the reasons I wanted this specific model. It's really good quality and built to last, much better than the cheaper smokers you can buy. Lots of cooking space inside. The only negative is the door on the front. It's flimsy compared to the rest of the smoker and it didn't curve to the shape of the smoker so we had to bend it by hand to make it fit better. It's not a massive problem because we were able to fix it and it's a great bit of kit other than that.

james f

Amazing service! Next day delivery cannot fault it. The smoker is perfect, holds temp all day without any issues and provided me with some of the best food ive ever had. Just watch the air vents when hot as ive not got burnt fingers!!

Simon D

Fabulous piece of kit. After lots of research I bought this to replace a cheap charcoal smoker, what a difference! Maintains steady cooking temp for 6-8 hours without topping up coals. Melt in mouth brisket, pork shoulder & lamb breast. Love cooking on this beauty, worth every penny.

Lorna M

I bought this for my son-in-law who is a great cook and enjoys cooking outside. He absolutely loves it and is looking forward to more experimenting in the days to come! It was easy to put together, and looks well sitting in their garden, the free cover that came with it is very useful too. A good purchase and one happy chef!


What can you say it’s a smokey mountain,10 out of 10.

Andrew G

Very good product

Stephen E

If you want the best buy the Weber. Superb build quality and easy to put together. Well worth the investment for getting low and slow which leaves my kettle free for other stuff. Also purchased an extra Weber charcoal grate to sit on the bottom grate after watching youtube videos so the small coals don't fall though the gaps

David W

Simple to put together, with a wealth of resources online. This beauty has a small footprint and I wasn’t sure I needed it along with the kettle bbq I have had for over 10 years. It is low, slow and different from even the indirect cooking on the kettle. A must for those big joints and big parties where you dont want too much oversight but enough food and not show your back to the guests because you are constantly over the grill. Just getting started but turkey for Xmas may be on the cards already !!

Julia C

I had been thinking of buying one for a while and am so glad I did. A little apprehensive the first time I used it but the meat turned out beautifully moist and smokey flavoured. Everyone loved it. The smoker is a lovely looking piece of equipment that doesn’t take up much room on our patio. Very easy to put together and clear instructions on how to use it.

Simon R

If anybody reading this knows a thing or two about smoking food low and slow then you know that it doesn’t get any better than this!!! The weber smokey mountain is a set it and forget MACHINE... You will become a better cook with this in your life. So its time to divorce the wife and start living your life... Get one!! You will not be dissapointed


Big investment, but definitely the best in the market. Ten year warranty, used by professionals. After initial running in, consistent 8 to 10 hour cooks on one lot of charcoal, amazing results, restaurant quality. Very impressed

Alex C

This was my first order from Riverside and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Great delivery service and the 47cm Weber Smokey Mountain is excellent. I'm glad I went for the 47cm size, it's plenty big enough for whole racks of spare ribs and I can fit a whole shoulder of pork on there for pulled pork no problem. This thing holds the heat amazingly well!!. I used a 4kg bag of Weber briquettes and after a 9 hour cook I still had half the coals left using the minion method. Looking forward to using this thing a whole lot more during the year. Thanks again Riverside!!


Great product - perfect condition. Brilliant birthday present!

Dave E

Called in to Riverside last week to just 'have a look' and left with a 47cm Smokey Mountain after getting some really helpful advice. I really wanted to see the models in the flesh to get a better idea of size and capacity. The 47cm is big enough without being overkill. Anyway today I fired it up for the first time and I have to say I'm impressed, easy to maintain a constant temperature and cooked a rack of ribs to perfection. Oh and I lit it 12 hours ago and it's still going on just one load of Weber briquettes, I used a 4kg bag lighting about half a chimney starter with the rest of the bag placed in the charcoal ring and the hot coals poured into the centre.

Gary M

Could decide on the size, but glad I opted for the 47cm, just the right size unless your smoking for a garden full of people. Incidentally, bought the book 'Secrets to smoking on your WSM' and it shows a simple method of using the WSM as a BBQ as well!

Yusuf A

Very friendly and helpful presales advice. Delivered free next day. Item was spot on. I'm glad I ordered the 47cm one, the 57cm one is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

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