Weber® Summit® S670 GBS®

Expected early July

Key Features:

  • 6 Stainless Steel Burners
  • 1 Smoker Box With a Dedicated Burner
  • Integrated Sear Station
  • 1 Infra-Red Rotisserie Burner
  • Tuck-Away Rotisserie Included
  • Stainless Steel GBS Cooking Grates
  • Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars
  • Double-Walled Air Insulated Stainless Steel Lid
  • Built-In Centre-Mounted Lid Thermometer
  • SnapJet Ignition
  • Handle Lights & Panel Light Control
  • 1 Side Burner
  • Enclosed Storage Cart
  • 5kg or 13kg Patio Gas Bottle Fits On Side Of BBQ
  • Gas Hose & Regulator Included
  • Warming Rack Included
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Serves 12+ People

Weber® Summit® S670 (7370074)

As you would expect from a product tagged ‘Summit®’, Weber®’s flagship gas barbecue range can do just about everything. They grill, they roast, they sear, they boil, they smoke, and what is more, despite brimming with a multitude of features, the choice of two high quality finishes; black (E670) or stainless steel (S670) means they even look fantastic too!

Ideal for competent barbecuers who want to learn to get more out of a garden grill than just a burger or sausage as well as more experienced cooks alike, a multi-functional Summit® 670 will more than suit the needs of any level of al fresco chef whilst looking stunning outside on the patio at the same time.

Built onto a powder-coated steel enclosed cart with two stainless steel doors, the Summit® S-670 stands at a height (from the ground) of 130cm with the lid closed and 150cm with the stainless steel shroud fully raised and looks ultra-classy in either position.

With cast-aluminium end caps, a fixed stainless steel side table extrudes from either side and, apart from both offering six convenient front-facing tool holders (three per end), each side table has a little secret tucked under flush-fitting flaps.

Hiding under the left side table you will find the Tuck-Away Rotisserie motor which locks up or down into position thanks to a spring-loaded clip and when closed neatly contains its own power cable to prevent it dangling down and getting in the way when not in use.

Lifting the protective lid on the right-hand side table reveals the self-contained side burner (ideal for additional boiling or steaming of vegetables etc.) as well as its own independent burner valve dial and ignition button.

Incorporated into the stainless steel hinged shroud of the Weber® Summit® S-670 is a chunky centre-mounted thermometer dial to ensure perfect control of the internal temperature of the barbecue as well as a solid chrome handle with two nifty Grill-Out handle lights which, when switched on and set at the correct angle, automatically illuminate as the lid is raised.

On opening the shroud of a fully-built Summit® S-670 you will be presented with the many different characteristics which put this barbecue in a class of its own.

The first thing you will notice running across the width of the barbecue is the adjustable rotisserie spit (included) which easily slots into the motor housing (when erected) and has its own dedicated infra red rotisserie burner furnished on the inside of the lid (operated by a dedicated control knob in the main front panel) to nicely brown and add a burst of heat to poultry or joints of meat as required.

Sitting behind the rotisserie spit is a handy warming rack (included) ideal for keeping heat in food once it has been removed from the cooking area prior to serving.

The Summit® S-670 also comes with a solid stainless steel Gourmet BBQ System® grate as standard. Comprising of four heavy-duty parts (including a removable 30cm circular piece) the grate when together measures 96x49cm giving you a very generous total cooking area of 4026cm².

Having the central cut-out gives greater flexibility to cooking thanks to the range of accessories available (sold separately) to fit the middle section including wok, pizza stone and poultry roaster.

Sat to the right of the cooking grate is a very handy smoker box with its own dedicated burner. When filled with flavoured wood chips the smoker box produces flavoured smoke which infuses into the cooking food to give that extra barbecue flavour usually associated with charcoal barbecues but without the mess.

Positioned underneath the grates are twelve removable stainless steel Flavorizer® bars which not only protect the six burners concealed underneath but also produce flavoured smoke as the fat and juices secreted from the cooking food are vaporised.

The stainless steel control panel at the front of the barbecue houses nine chunky dials; six infinite control burner valve knobs to give independent and precise control of the stainless steel burners as well as separate dials to control the Sear Station, rotisserie and smoker box burners. In addition, the control panel has one push-button which illuminates all the control knobs in fading light.

The beauty of having such control of the Summit® S-670 is that you can easily decide which areas of the grate you want to increase or decrease the temperature on making it ideal and simple for cooking using both the direct and indirect grilling methods.

To add an extra burst of heat to lock in the juices of steak or pieces of meat or just to simply add the decorative ‘charred line’ effect to food the Summit® S-670 comes with a fully-integrated Sear Station (an extra stand-alone burner running parallel between the two main central burners).

Using the Summit® S-670 couldn’t be easier either. Once the gas bottle* (see below) is connected to the regulator (located underneath the right-hand side table) rotate the burner valve(s) as required to the SnapJet Ignition position (pictured with a lightning bolt) until you hear the ‘click’ (which is the spark igniting a burst of gas). Continue to rotate the valve to the desired temperature setting and with the lid closed simply wait 10-15 minutes for the temperature to get up and then you’re good to cook.

Weber® advise that only 13kg gas bottles are used and must be kept outside of the cabinet. For convenience, the bottle can be hooked onto the side of the barbecue using the location hooks found on the right side of the cabinet and secured in place using the provided nylon strap.

Opening the polished stainless steel-trimmed doors of the cart will not only present a useful storage cavity, but also give you access to the disposable drip tray (one supplied) situated in the top left of the cabinet which collects the waste material generated during cooking.

Although solid in build, the cart of the Weber® Summit® S-670 sits on two swivel and two locking castors for ease of transportation.

Like most Weber® gas barbecues, the Summit® S-670 comes with a 10-year limited warranty on the stainless steel lid and cast aluminium components, 10 years on the burners and two years on all other parts to give you full confidence in your Weber® product as you create simply brilliant barbecued food for friends and family.

As you would expect from a quality brand like Weber® there are a huge range of accessories designed to assist and take your outdoor cooking to the next level from griddles, fish baskets and tools right through to cook books and marinades, so click here to see the full range of Weber® gas accessories we have to offer.

(*13kg bottles of Patio Gas are sold through local Calor Gas dealers.)

Warranty Info


Lid and cast aluminium components - 10 year
Burners - 10 year
Cart - 2 year
Spark Ignition - 2 year
Cooking Grate - 5 year
Flavorizer® Bars - 5 year
All other parts - 2 year

More Information
Brand Weber
Length 76.200000
Width 188.200000
Height 145.000000
Box Dimensions (cm) H133 x W:120 x D:78
Weight 132.000000
Product Warranty 10 Years
BBQ Type Gas
Cooking Area cm2 4704
Power Lead Length 32"/80cm
GBS® Grate Included? Yes
Type of Cooking Grate Stainless Steel Gourmet BBQ System Grate
No. of Burners 6
Back Burner Yes
Sear Burner Yes
Side Burner Yes
Rotisserie Yes
Lid Lock No
Tuck-Away Lid Holder No
Built in Thermometer Yes
Tool Holder Yes
Grill-Out Handle Light Yes
Illuminated Controls Yes
Folding Side Shelves? None
Gas Regulator Included Yes
Includes Warming Rack Yes
BBQ Ranges Summit®

5.00 Average

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Gordon E

Very well made and well designed and good looking. So many cooking and entertaining options possible - we're going on a Weber cooking event to learn more!

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