WIN a Weber® Genesis® II EX-335

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WIN a Weber® Genesis® II EX-335


Raffle to be drawn on 5th March 2022.

This three-burner gas barbecue is a culinary masterpiece. Use the convenient side tables for placing serving trays, while grilling tools hang for the tool hooks. With a sleek new design, large sear zone and integrated step by step grilling assistant that turns any griller into a master. 

Product Features:

  • 10-year warranty for great grilling experiences for years to come
  • 3 burners than ensure optimal heat distribution
  • Gourmet BBQ System Porcelain-Enamelled, Cast Iron Cooking Grates with Sear Grate instead of normal insert.
  • Built-in smart grilling function powered by Weber Connect, give you access to a step by step assistant that notifies you on everything from when it's time to flip and serve to a food readiness countdown. you can use up to 2 probes only one is included. 
  • Flavourizer Bars that catch drippings that then smoke and sizzle, adding a smoky flavour to your food. 
  • Sear Zone for an added boost of heat
  • Side burner that is perfect for making sauces and preparing sides.
  • Grill cabinet for extra closed storage space
  • Warming rack o keep food warm while food continues to cook below.
  • Illuminated control knobs to help with cooking in the evenings
  • Grill light handle. 


BBQ with Lid Open: 160cm Height x 145cm Width x 80cm Depth 

BBQ with Lid Closed:  120cm Height x 145cm Width x 73cm Depth

Cooking Grate: 68 x 48cm 

Weber introduces the new Genesis II EX-335which integrates the brand’s Weber Connect technology, bringing gas barbecuing to the next level.   

Weber Connect is the step-by-step barbecuing assistant that helps you get it right every time. Each of the new gas barbecues includes a Weber Connect control unit which connects to a smartphone and guides you through the cooking process with the following features: 

  • Step-by-Step Barbecuing Assistance: Weber Connect technology’s guided barbecuing programs provide confidence and peace of mind that food will never be under or overcooked again. 
  • Monitors Food Doneness: Grillers can now view their food's cooking progress without lifting the lid via audible temperature notifications at the barbecue or by simply glancing at their smartphone. 
  • Instant Flip and Serve Notifications: In-app alerts let users know when to flip their food and when it’s the perfect temperature to serve.  
  • WiFi Connectivity: Outdoor cooks can stay tapped into what’s happening in their barbecue while making time to socialise with family and guests, run to the store, or check on dessert in the oven.   
  • Barbecuing Inspiration: With a wide variety of recipes, grillers can seek new inspiration to feed their barbecuing creativity and skill development. 

Located in each barbecues side table, the Weber Connect control unit includes an LED display that shows you the temperature inside the barbecue. 

The Weber Genesis II EX-335 barbecue features integrated Weber Connect technology, three industry-leading high-heat burners, 4,254 square centimetres of cooking space and a LED lighting package for nighttime barbecuing. Genesis smart barbecues also include a folding warming rack, porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron GBS cooking grates, and a porcelain-enamelled lid. Additionally, the Genesis EX-335 barbecue offers a side burner. 

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