WonderWal Artificial Hedge Screening - Spider Fern Wall Covering 100 x 100cm

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WonderWal Artificial Hedge Screening - Spider Fern Wall Covering 100 x 100cm

Artificial plants and flowers - often referred to as 'silks' - are now as popular as ever with individuals and companies wanting realistic eye-catching natural displays that require very little maintenance yet remain looking in their prime all year round.

As well as adding a splash of colour to places where sunlight is limited and live plants would perish, fake plants are a clean and low-maintenance alternative to living foliage.

In addition to the plants and flowers themselves sometimes an ancillary accessory like a corner of a picket fence or piece of grass matting may add a finishing touch to a display or add a bit more realism to a setting.

The WonderWal Artificial Hedge Screening - Spider Fern 100 x 100cm panel is perfect to disguise unsightly garden walls, fences or any solid surface by creating a natural realistic effect and is ideal for both small domestic or large commercial use.

No matter how big or small an area is to cover the panels seamlessly butt-up to one another and with minimal hand positioning of the leaves the individual joins will disappear giving a more realistic effect.

With a mixture of plastic PE leaves including variegated and green Buxus, Ivy and fern mounted onto a plastic frame, the flexible Artificial Hedge Screening - Spider Fern 100 x 100cm is fully weatherproof and UV stable meaning it will stand up to the elements and remain looking good for many years, unlike inferior products which historically fade and lose their shape after only twelve months.

Easy to secure, each Artificial Hedge Screening - Spider Fern 100 x 100cm can be easily trimmed into shape to fit into awkward spaces and can also be seamlessly butted up to extra panels to cover larger areas.

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Fixing WonderWal

WonderWal is so versatile it can be fixed to just about anything; brick walls, wooden fences, plastic panels, iron gates or even glass balcony panels - just about any flat surface!

The back of each panel comes with a series of holes throughout the plastic framework so you can easily insert screws, nails, cable ties, wire, string, staples from a gun or fashion your own method to secure it.

For brick walls rather than drill lots of holes it may be easier to fix the panels onto a trellis.

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