What does delivery cost?

Depending on your location, you may face a delivery fee. If you would like to check your postal code to see if you would incur a delivery charge you can do so by adding the items you wish to purchase into your basket and then enter the first half of the postcode into the estimate delivery box. This will give the available shipping options alongside a charge (if there is one).

How do I return an order?

If you no longer need/want your order you have two weeks to return items to us, unbuilt, unused and in their original packaging. You will need to include your order number on the return so that the return can be properly processed upon receipt. Please send the item back to us with your courier of choice and keep the proof of postage. Once the item arrives back to us, we will refund you for the item(s).

How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order please call as soon as possible within business hours. Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel your order as orders cannot be pulled after they have been processed.

Do you price match?

If you would like to enquire about a price match please email us at including a link to the competitors webpage. We will then let you know whether we will be able to match this price, please note that we can only match prices of items that are available and in stock.

An item is listed as out of stock, will you be getting any more in?

You may find when browsing our webpage that the product you are interested in is out of stock. In this instance you are able to sign up to be notified when the item comes back into stock. To complete this process you will need a valid email address. Unfortunately, although we try out best to provide exact dates of stock arrivals. this cannot be guaranteed.



Does this BBQ come with a regulator and what gas will be suitable?

All gas barbecues sold at Riverside come with a hose and regulator. Most of these are for the propane patio gas bottles, however, on some smaller portable barbecues, the hose and regulator may be for Weber's disposable gas canisters. This information will be available on the individual products.

How long does the small disposable Weber gas canister last?

The small gas canisters can last 2-3 hours depending on the temperature that you are cooking at. Please note that when the bottle begins to run low you may find you have a low flame when cooking. Additionally, if the bottle is stored in a cold environment and has not been used for some time you may need to shake the bottle before using.

I want to convert my portable barbecue to a large gas bottle.

There are two regulators that can convert the portable barbecues to larger gas bottles. This adaptor screws into the existing hose and regulator and allows you to swap between using the small disposable bottles and larger gas bottles. This adaptor completely replaces the existing hose and regulator and allows for use solely of the larger gas bottles.

How do I tell if my gas bottle is empty?

Many gas bottles now come equipped with a gage indicating the level of gas remaining in the cylinder. If your bottle does not have a measure or the measure is broken you can find out the exact amount of gas remaining in the bottle by boiling a kettle and pouring the hot water down the side of the gas canister. The condensation line will tell you where the gas level is. Please ensure that you disconnect your regulator from the gas bottle when not in use as gas can escape between the connection. When in extreme weather conditions a build up of pressure can occur in the gas bottle, gas is best stored in a cool storage place such as a shed.

My burners are not lighting correctly

There could be many factors which result in reduced performance of your grill. 1. Your burners may be blocked. A build-up of fats and debris is a common cause for reduced performance of burners. To clean your burners remove the grate and Flavorizer bars and use the Weber gas grill maintenance kit to remove all blockages and build-up from your burners. 2. Alternatively, you may be experiencing reduced gas flow as your gas hose is leaking and needs replacing. Perform a gas leak check using warm soapy water, if bubbles appear this would indicate a leak which is inhibiting the flow of gas to the burners. 3. You may need a new gas bottle. Gas bottles need replacing whenever they run low or become empty.

I am missing a part to my BBQ or has my BBQ arrived damaged?

If a part of your barbecue arrives missing or damaged please send us an image of the damaged part or the missing part from the instruction manual along with the serial number of the barbecue. The serial number will either be engraved on the lid air vent (charcoal barbecues) or on a white sticker on the frame of the barbecue (gas barbecues), and is two letters followed by seven numbers. Once we have this information we will be able to open a warranty claim with Weber to get the necessary parts sent out.

What type of gas does my barbecue need?

All portable gas barbecues (Go-Anywhere Gas and Q 100/1000 series barbecues) run off of the small Weber disposable gas bottles. Larger gas barbecues require either Calor Propane Patio Gas, which is available in 5 and 13kg bottles, or Flo Gas Gaslight, available in 5 or 10kg bottles.

Can I pick a time for delivery?

Delivery times cannot be specified and the delivery is an all-day service (8am -6pm). The couriers we use to deliver orders are: DPD, TNT and Palletways. Depending on the size of your parcel would depend on the courier used however, all couriers offer tracking, enabling you to track the journey of the consignment. Next working day delivery cannot be guaranteed (As per our Terms and Conditions) and if you have any problems please give us a call on 01992 514 778.

Can I get any more discount?

At times when extra discounts are available this will be clearly advertised on our webpage and social media. If you are interested in getting exclusive deals/offers follow our social media accounts for updates.



The only delivery option is a 5-10 days service?

The reasoning behind our 5-10 day delivery service is to ensure that we can offer a safe, secure delivery within the time frame provided. Some furniture may need to be ordered in and so once the stock arrives, we can call and arrange delivery for a day that is suitable for you. The delivery is an all-day service and we cannot clarify a time slot. The delivery will be a curb side drop, and it is therefore important that you are home to take delivery of your furniture and have the means to move them yourself.

Do you have your furniture out for me to see?

We have Alexander Rose, 4 Seasons Outdoor and Weber showrooms displaying the majority of available products. If you would like to know whether a specific item is out please give us a call or email and we can confirm for you.

I have white marks on my cushions?

White marks on cushions are caused by excess of fire retardant treatment. This can be cleaned away with warm soapy water.



How do I book a cooking course?

Cooking courses can be purchased via our website or in store. Please note that you will not receive a physical ticket. On arrival, you will be asked your name, or the name used to purchase the tickets. We may need to see your order confirmation in some cases, so bring this in a printed-out version or on your phone. We will then sign you in and let you know when the course begins.

What food do you cook on your barbecue courses?

On our cooking courses we teach you how to roast, bake, smoke and grill on both gas and charcoal barbecues. We cook a seasonal menu of a wide variety of foods and explore a range of menus. Our menus generally include meat dishes, vegetables, pizza and at least two desserts.

Are our courses halal?

Cooking courses can be purchased via our website or in store. Please note that you will not receive a physical ticket. On arrival, you will be asked your name, or the name used to purchase the tickets. We may need to see your order confirmation in some cases, so bring this in a printed-out version or on your phone. We will then sign you in and let you know when the course begins.