Weber® Charcoal BBQ



Famous all over the world, the Weber® kettle is the iconic charcoal barbecue. Of timeless design, quality build and finish and in most cases as versatile as any of its gas cousins, there is a Weber® charcoal BBQ for everyone.

The entry-level Weber® Compact 47cm, Black and Weber® Compact 57cm, and the Weber® 5710 and Weber® 5730 all perfectly suitable to get your barbecuing journey underway just like the Weber® Original Kettle® has done for many years.

For those garden grillers looking to develop their barbecuing and looking for endless possibilities with their al fresco repertoire, the best-selling Weber® Master-Touch GBS® 57cm in any of the three colours is more than up to the job: Black, Slate or Smoke.

There's the 2019 creme-de-la-creme Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® Premium E-5775 57cm, made for the low and slow cooks in-mind and with a hinged lid makes it super easy to access the food you are cooking. This unique barbecue also comes with a charcoal ring, heat deflector and sear grate.

Packed with features including the Weber® One-Touch® cleaning system, ash catcher, Tuck-Away lid bale and built-in thermometer the Weber Master-Touch® GBS® 57cm has it all.

What is more, coming with a Weber® 57cm triple-plated, hinged Gourmet BBQ System® cooking grate as standard means the barbecue is already compatible with the entire range of Weber® GBS® inserts (all sold separately) including the Dutch Oven, Chicken Roaster, Pizza Stone, Wok and Waffle / Sandwich Iron as well as offering the opportunity to ramp up the temperature of the cooking grate by as much as an extra 50 degrees by introducing the cast iron Sear Grate or Griddle (again, sold separately) to the barbecue - perfect for sealing meat and getting that pattern onto your steak!

If that wasn't enough you can take the Weber® Master-Touch® GBS® E-5755 57cm - Black and Weber® Original Kettle®s cooking possibilities even further as they are all compatible with the Weber® Kettle BBQ Rotisserie (sold separately).

Other variations on the charcoal theme include the Weber® Performer® GBS® 57cm, Black and Weber® Performer® Deluxe Gourmet GBS® 57cm, Black (both with work tables) or for those who want 'big' the World Store exclusive Weber® Summit® Kamado Charcoal Grill, Black or the 'new for 2017' Weber® Summit® Kamado Charcoal Grilling Centre, Black.


Weber's unique cleaning mechanism is what helped make the Weber® charcoal One-Touch® bbq the most famous barbecue on the planet and the quintessential image of summer. The One-Touch® cleaning system consists of 3 angled blades affixed to the bottom of the Weber® charcoal barbecues which rotates as a lever is swung round which exposes ash drainage holes whilst sweeping embers down into a removable ash catcher below. The ash catcher shields the ash deposits from the wind so they are not blown into food or guests and holds them for disposal when you are ready.

You will find the cleaning system on all Weber® One-Touch® BBQs including the Weber® Master-Touch®, and the Weber® Performer. This cleaning system hugely speeds up cleaning time for charcoal barbecues which are notorious for needing a lot of maintenance in between cooking sessions. Made from stainless steel, the blades will not corrode.


Grilling with a direct heat source is the most common technique among the experienced and inexperienced alike because of its speed and effectiveness for cooking the bulk of barbecue dishes. Ideal for meats and veg with a relatively short cooking time such as steaks, sausages and kebabs, intense heat is applied from below which sears the meat on one side which can then be flipped over to cook the other leaving no rawness in the middle.

Ensure you fully preheat your barbecue and food is placed directly above the white-hot coals (for quick, simple hot cooking coals, check out the Weber® Chimney Starter below). Try only lifting the lid to flip the meat and check for doneness at the end of the suggested cooking period.


Indirect grilling (also known as roasting) works similar to your kitchen oven allowing you to thoroughly cook large joints of meat and full poultry because it is the air convecting around the meat that heats up rather than the meat directly. The heat has time to penetrate right through the meat rather than singeing the outer layer. Simply arrange the coals on one side of the barbecue or on the edges with a space in the middle and rest the meat in a roasting rack if available so that air can fully circulate the elevated food.

By placing a Weber® Large Drip Tray below, the juices collect and can be reused in sauces and also save on clean up time! (psst, add water to the drip tray to regulate temperature during longer cooking periods which will help keep the meat moist and prevent the juices burning). Try only lifting the lid to baste the meat and check for doneness at the end of the suggested cooking period.


Charcoal barbecues have always struggled against gas BBQs in terms of lighting and convenience, as lighting the charcoal fuel and getting it to the perfect even temperature can often prove troublesome – particularly in windy conditions. The Weber® Chimney Starter is one of the most useful (and consequently popular) charcoal barbecue accessories we stock. By using simple physics, the Chimney Starter gives perfect cooking coals every time without the need for chemical starter fuels that often taint the flavour of the food cooked above the charcoal.


The stainless steel body has air holes cut into the bottom section (which feeds in oxygen) and a wire cone sits above those in the tube, upon which, the charcoal rests (incidentally, the Chimney Starter holds the perfect amount of charcoal for a Weber® 57cm BBQ when filled to the top).

The Chimney sits over a small fuel source such as crumpled up paper or firelighters and the heat rises through the length of chimney evenly heating the coals as it goes. After around 10 minutes the coals are fully cooked and ready to be poured into the barbecue using the two handles for ease.