Weber® Gas BBQ


With a 10-year limited warranty, the iconic Weber® Spirit®Genesis® and Summit® gas barbecues are regarded as among the best in the world due to their design and functionality, as well as having a reputation for being built with the highest quality parts.

Weber® gas barbecues offer easy and convenient cooking whilst the ingenious Flavorizer™ Bars give the delicious flavour of barbecued food. With a variety of ranges and sizes to choose from no matter your budget or how many hungry mouths you have to feed you’re sure to find the perfect grill.


Found on all Weber® Gas BBQs, the patented Flavorizer® Bars are angular slats of stainless steel or porcelain coated steel that sit over the burner pipes protecting them from dripping fats and juices, whilst incinerating them for the most part on contact to recycle the lost flavours and moisture. They also act to better dissipate heats so hotspots do not occur just above the burners making consistent cooking easier.

Because of the intense heat changes and abuse from repeated and regular cleaning, the Flavorizer® Bars are the element you are most likely to replace during the life of your barbecue. We stock replacement Flavorizer® Bars in both stainless steel and durable porcelain-enamel for Genesis® and Spirit® Weber® barbecues in our Flavorizer Bars Category.


Key to the success of your barbecued food is Weber's legacy to promote barbecueing with the lid on, helping to reduce heat and moisture loss that can lead to uneven cooking and below-par results. Thanks to the internal design and exterior lid-mounted thermometers on all Weber® gas barbecues, Weber® owners up and down the country wax lyrical about their latest BBQ results.

Weber® Gas Barbecue - Direct Cooking

Grilling with a direct heat source is the most common technique among the experienced and inexperienced alike because of its speed and effectiveness for cooking the bulk of barbecue dishes. Ideal for meats and veg with a relatively short cooking time such as burgers, sausages and chicken pieces, an intense heat is applied from below which sears the meat on one side which can then be flipped over to cook the other leaving no rawness in the middle. Ensure you fully preheat your barbecue and food is placed directly above the burners on full power. Try only lifting the lid to flip the meat and check for doneness at the end of the suggested cooking period.

Weber® Gas Barbecues - Indirect Cooking

Indirect grilling (also known as roasting) works similar to your kitchen oven allowing you to thoroughly cook large joints of meat and full poultry because it is the air convecting around the meat that heats up rather than the meat directly. Heat has time to penetrate right through the meat rather than singeing the outer layer. Simply turn off half the burners (or the burners directly below the food) once the BBQ has preheated and rest the meat in a Weber® Rib / Roast Holder if available so that air can fully circulate the elevated food.

By placing a Weber® Large Drip Tray below, the juices collect and can be reused in sauces and also save on clean up time! (psst, add water to the drip tray to regulate temperature during longer cooking periods which will help keep the meat moist and prevent the juices burning). Try only lifting the lid to baste the meat and check for doneness at the end of the suggested cooking period.