Weber® Electric BBQ

Weber® Electric Barbecues

If your building doesn't allow for gas or charcoal barbecues, or your simply looking for the most hassle free grill possible, an electric barbecue might be perfect for you. An electric grill doesn't mean you need sacrifice the amazing barbecue taste we're all so accustomed to, the heat from the cook box of the barbecue will carry out the job of the Flavourizer bars on the larger gas barbecues, vaporising the fats and juices and infusing that delicious flavour right back into your cooking. The Weber® Q Electric and Weber® Pulse series offer ease and convenience whilst maintaining the delicious flavour of a traditional gas or charcoal barbecue.

The Weber® Q 1400 serves up to four people and comes either as a stand alone barbecue or with a removable stand. With porcelain-enamelled cast iron grates split into two halves to allow use for a half griddle this barbecue is capable of more than it looks. The 1.8m cable allows for flexibility of placement meaning you're not limited to where you place the barbecue. The barbecue unclips from the stand and has two built in carry handles to allow for easy movement and transportation. Three tool hooks built into the stand allow for easy access to tools or cleaning brushes and additional folding side tables can be purchased for the barbecue.

The Weber® Pulse range is Weber's® newest range of electric grills, available in two sizes, the Pulse 1000 and Pulse 2000 and either alone or with a stand (Pulse 1000) or with a cart (Pulse 1000 and 2000). With one or two electric heating elements, each with their own control knob, and a digital thermometer with LED display grilling has never been so easy. The stand and cart both feature three integrated tool hooks and a bottom rack, which allow you to keep tools and other accessories within easy distance and the cart also includes a folding side shelf and two wheels to allow for easy transporation of the barbecue. The grill itself can be easily removed from the stand or cart and has handles which allow it to be easily carried around. The barbecue also features a built in iGrill, a bluetooth meat thermometer that allows for the internal temperature of meat to be tracked from an app. The Weber® Pulse 1000 features space for two probes and comes already with one and the Pulse 2000 has a four probe capacity and includes two probes with the barbecue. The front panel of the barbecue can be easily removed for safe storage when not in use.