Weber Q BBQ

Relatively small and easy to use the Q barbecues are the perfect gas barbecue for the more casual griller. The simple design is both easy to use and unobtrusive but doesn't limit what you are able to cook on the barbecue. Available in three different sizes the Weber® Q can comfortably serve between 4 and 8 people. The cast aluminium cook box does the job of the Flavorizer bars larger gas barbecues sport, reaching a high heat and vaporising fats and juices to infuse the delicious flavour into your cooking. The porcelain-enamelled cast iron grates are perfect for searing on as they can maintain a higher temperature than other metals. The easy temperature controls and lid-mounted thermometer make it easy to maintain a steady temperature in your barbecue without any hassle.

Available as a stand-alone barbecue, in the case of the Q 1200, or with a stand or cart, Q 1200, Q2200 and Q 3200, you'll find the perfect size for your garden. Folding plastic side tables provide a handy place to put food ready to cook and the Q stand and permanent cart both include 3 integrated tool hooks to store tools or a cleaning brush. The cast aluminium bow funnels fats and juices into the drip tray below making the Q range easy to clean and maintain. Weber® produce a Q specific cleaning spray for the spray-painted outside of the grill.

Direct Cooking

When most people think of barbecuing direct cooking is what they think of. This is when the barbecue is heated to a high heat and the food, usually smaller items like steaks and sausages, are cooked directly over the heat.

To cook on direct heat on your Q turn the burner(s) on to a high temperature (around 200°), arrange your food on the cooking grate directly over the burners and close the lid. Try not to open the lid whilst cooking as this will let out heat resulting in an uneven cook and dry out the meat.

Indirect Cooking

With indirect cooking food is not exposed to direct heat and, like in a convection oven, heat is dispersed around the barbecue cooking from all angles. This allows for large cuts of meat, as well as whole poultry and joints, to be cooked through on the barbecue without getting burnt.

The method to cook indirectly on a Q would depend on the model. On the smaller barbecues such as the Q 1200 and 2200, a heat shield and roast rack will be required to protect the meat from the direct heat.

As the Weber® Q 3200 has two burners - the iconic 'Q' shaped burner and a straight central burner running from left to right - depending on the size of the joint, meat can be cooked indirectly without the use of a heat shield. Simply turn on the outside burner and when the barbecue is preheated place the joint in the centre of the barbecue and close the lid.